Shareholder activism

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  • Contents: Legitimacy and Corporate Governance, Problems in Corporate Governance, Improving Corporate Governance, The Role of Shareholders, The Role of the SEC, Shareholder Activism Investor Relations, An Alternative Model of Corporate Governance.

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  • The empirical relationship between capital controls and the financial development of credit and equity markets is examined. We extend the literature on this subject along a number of dimensions.Specifically, we (1) investigate a substantially broader set of proxy measures of financial development; (2) create and utilize a new index based on the IMF measures of exchange restrictions that incorporates a measure of the intensity of capital controls; and (3) extend the previous literature by systematically examining the implications of institutional (legal) factors.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'stock options and the new rules of corporate accountability', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • With the recent increase in shareholder activism, companies are increasingly considering roles for lead directors in communicating with shareholders. Although management remains principally responsible for investor relations, having a lead director who can assist in certain types of commu- nications may add a useful voice.

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  • Here’s why: if the fund invested all its assets in 60-day paper, and tomorrow your shareholders wanted to withdraw some of their money, you would be forced to sell 59-day securities in what could be a weak market. To prevent this—and comply with Rule 2a-7—you’ll need to hold at least a 10 percent cash position. To make sure that you’re always in compliance, you’ll stagger the maturities of the holdings in the fund, so that some securities are being paid off every day, providing a steady cash flow. But there’s even more to the maturity decision.

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  • The primary objective is to collaborate with or conduct research consistent with the division activities in measurement science, standards, technology, and data required to support the nation’s needs in determining the composition, structure, quantity, and function of biomolecules. In partnership with U.S. industry, government agencies, and scientific institutions, the division performs fundamental and applied research on the measurement of macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids, as well as peptides, glycans, metabolites, lipids, and natural products.

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  • Your money earns money. When your money goes to work, it may earn a steady paycheck. Someone pays you to use your money for a period of time. When you get your money back, you get it back plus “interest.” Or, if you buy stock in a compa- ny that pays “dividends” to shareholders, the company may pay you a portion of its earnings on a regular basis. Your money can make an “income,” just like you. You can make more money when you and your money work. You buy something with your money that could in- crease in value.

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  • This chapter describes accounting analysis of financing activities - both creditor and equity financing. Our analysis of creditor financing considers both operating liabilities and financing liabilities. Analysis of operating liabilities includes extensive study of postretirement benefits. Analysis of financing liabilities focuses on topics such as leasing and off-balance-sheet financing, along with conventional forms of debt financing.

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  • Chapter 2 - A closer look at the financial statements. In this chapter students will be able to: Describe the balance sheet in terms of equity and debt capital and producing and operating assets, explain the concept of net income, who owns it and what they can do with it, define the three major activities of a business,...

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  • ValueSpace—we hold it in utmost admiration. ValueSpace—it is to us the be-all and the end-all of all business activity, the only purpose of all organizations, all business enterprises. It is the only justifiable goal of all reengineering, organizational renewal, entrepreneurship, and corporate innovation. And it is the only path for sustained growth, for winning the battle for market leadership. It is the space where true market value is created—for shareholders, for employees, and most of all, for customers....

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  • Finally, and perhaps most crucial from a strategic viewpoint, profits produce a short-term managerial focus. Rising earnings can easily disguise a decline in shareholder value because earnings ignore the future implications of current activities. For example, earnings can quickly be boosted by cutting advertising or customer service levels. In the short run this is beneficial, but in the long run it will erode the company’s market share, future earnings and shareholder value.

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  • The takeover of toxic assets by the government at zero cost and the corresponding write- down of assets will create transparency, avoid the high expense of pricing distressed assets, and will insure that shareholders are the first ones to bear the cost of failure. 27 The risk of moral hazard will also be effectively limited. A zero-cost acquisition is also justified based on the fact that the active management of the troubled assets is impaired by their complex structure. This approach will also keep the bad bank’s initial capital requirements at a minimum....

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  • Project management software is not for the creative mind that thinks big ideas but dismisses minutiae. The kind of individual who uses it best is one who can break big ideas into ordered, finite steps. This is a skill that is not easy to learn and may be beyond some PR practitioners. For those engaged in repeated activities, project management software allows one to systematize procedures and better control costs.

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  • The broader objective of the FSA’s regulatory approach is to balance the competing interests of shareholder wealth maximization and the interests of other stakeholders. 14 The FSA’s balancing exercise relies less on the strict application of statutory codes and regulatory standards, and more on the design of flexible, internal compliance programmes that fit the particular risk-level and nature of the bank’s business.

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  • Looking ahead, those surveyed expect the lead director to delve further into shareholder and governance issues, be more involved in risk management, drive succession planning to ensure the process produces top leaders, and strengthen the independence of the board. On the horizon also are issues related to how the lead director’s role will change if compa- nies alter their organizational structure. At the surveyed companies, 67 percent still have a combined position of board chairman-CEO despite increasing pressures from stakeholders and regulators to split these functions.

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  • Organizational form has important implications for economic behavior, performance, and business activities of financial firms (see, e.g., O’Hara 1981, Rasmusen 1988, and Fama and Jensen 1983). One unusual characteristic among financial intermediaries is the fact thatmutualand stock companies coexist (Amess 2002),whileoutsidethefinancialsector,stockfirmsdominateandmutualcompanies are relatively rare (Remmers 2003).

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  • This definition captures the spirit of the concept as originally proposed by the World Commission on Environment and Development, and recognizes that economic development must meet the needs of a business enterprise and its stakeholders. The latter include shareholders, lenders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities who are affected by the organization’s activities. It also highlights business’s dependence on human and natural resources, in addition to physical and financial capital.

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  • Our findings also suggest that the economic importance of options’ incentive effects is small. The size and accuracy of our data set enable sufficiently precise measurement to find compelling statistical evidence that there is an effect. However, the size of the effect is such that ordinary option grants have only small impacts on firm risk. Moreover, our tests of stock-price response to option-induced risk-taking find no evidence of costs or benefits to shareholders from this activity.

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  • Investor relations is the term used to describe the ongoing activity of companies communicating with the investment community. While the communication that quoted companies undertake is a mix of regulatory and voluntary activities, investor relations is essentially the part of stock market life that sees companies interacting with existing shareholders, potential investors, analysts and journalists. As this guide details, investor relations can take many forms, for example, meetings with investors, company news-releases, annual reports and websites.

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