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  • This book provides a clear practical introduction to shareholder value analysis for the marketing professional.  It gives them the tools to develop the marketing strategies that will create the most value for business.  For top management and CFOs the book explains how marketing generates shareholder value.  It shows how top management should evaluate strategies and stimulate more effective and relevant marketing in their companies.

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  • Công ty Cổ phần Thực phẩm Quốc tế (trước đây gọi là Công ty Công nghiệp Chế biến Thực phẩm Quốc tế) - tên tiếng Anh là Interfood Shareholding Company - (“Công ty”) được thành lập tại nước CHXHCN Việt Nam với thời gian hoạt động là 40 năm theo Giấy phép Đầu tư số 270/GP ngày 16 tháng 11 năm 1991. Công ty hoàn toàn sở hữu bởi Trade Ocean Holdings Sdn. Bhd., một công ty được thành lập ở Malaysia. ...

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  • Global Corporate Finance provides students with the practical skills needed to understand global financial problems and techniques. The fifth edition of this essential text emphasizes shareholder value and corporate governance, global strategy, and corporate finance practice. With the addition of 26 new case studies, an enhanced focus on international topics, and increased coverage of emerging markets, the new edition is an indispensable text for undergraduate and graduate students.

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  • Risk Management and Shareholders’ Value in Bankingis quite simply the best written and most comprehensive modern book that combines all of the major risk areas that impact bank performance. The authors, Andrea Resti and Andrea Sironi of Bocconi University in Milan are well known internationally for their commitment to and knowledge of risk management and its application to financial institutions.

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  • The subject of safeguarding the rights of minority shareholders has not received much attention until now. After experiencing more and more cases of wrongdoing throughout my business career, I have decided to explore thoroughly the subject and devote several years to study the matter in a theoretical and empirical research.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'ownership of mutual funds, shareholder sentiment, and use of the internet, 2012', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Our study investigates how ultimate ownership structure and the corporate tax rate affect the equilibrium trade-off relation between manager ownership and debt in reducing agency costs. Considering the presence of the controlling shareholder, we find that higher corporate tax rates strengthen the trade-off relation between manager ownership and debt while higher control rights held by the controlling shareholder weaken it as well as the strengthening effect of corporate tax rate.

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  • This article is to present the main contents are as follows: Sanctions under the Companies Acts, sanctions and corporate reporting, the role of auditors, shareholders and legislative sanctions, sanctions for listed companies, directors and PDMRs,...

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  • This is documented practice English grammar sent to you readers reference. closure is provided by returning to the systems concept in the final chapters on Valuation and Managing for Shareholder value. Within this structure, Tuy nhiên, practicality always remains paramount. Any issues and concepts going beyond what is essential Specialized are left to the more textbooks and articles Identified in the references.

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  • Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques, a business-focused revision of Erich Helfert's perennial college bestseller Techniques of Financial Analysis, is a quick, easy read for nonfinancial managers and an excellent refresher and reference for finance professionals. This practical, hands-on guide provides a new introductory chapter that gives context to today's valuation turmoil and helps professionals understand the economic drivers of a business and the importance of cash flow.

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  • Asian Brand Strategy offers insights, knowledge and perspectives on Asian brands and branding as a strategic tool and provides a comprehensive framework for understanding Asian branding strategies and Asian brands, including success stories and challenges for future growth and strengths. The book includes theoretical frameworks and models and up-to-date case studies on Asian brands, and it a must-read for Asian and Western business leaders as well as anyone interested in the most exciting region of the world.

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  • Accountancy is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers. The communication is generally in the form of financial statements that show in money terms the economic resources under the control of management; the art lies in selecting the information that is relevant to the user and is reliable.[2] The principles of accountancy are applied to business entities in three divisions of practical art, named accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing....

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  • Pursuant to Article 1 of the Convention signed in Paris on 14th December 1960, and which came into force on 30th September 1961, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shall promote policies designed...

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  • SERS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS INCLUDED management of a company's shareholders, bondholders, security analysts, vendors, lending institutions, employees, labor unions, management agencies, and the general public. They use financial statements to make decisions. For example, potential investors use financial statements as an aid in deciding whether to buy shares. The supplier uses financial statements to decide whether or not to sell goods for a credit card company. Labor unions to use financial statements to help identify their needs as they negotiate for workers....

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  • Managers are naturally inclined to act in their own best interests. But the following factors affect managerial behavior: Managerial compensation plans, Direct intervention by shareholders, The threat of firing, The threat of takeover. Shareholders versus Creditors Shareholders (through managers) could take actions to maximize stock price that are detrimental to creditors. In the long run, such actions will raise the cost of debt and ultimately lower stock price.

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  • Cash availability is the lifeblood of the organization. With it, assuming there is proper management and economical, efficient, and Ceffective operations, the company can grow and prosper—without it the organization perishes. Like the absence of water to anything living, the absence of cash to the business means death—slow, torturous, physically painful, and men- tally agonizing. Business owners, managers, shareholders, ...

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  • Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques, a business-focused revision of Erich Helfert's perennial college bestseller Techniques of Financial Analysis, is a quick, easy read for nonFinancial managers and an excellent refresher and reference for...

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  • 7.1.1) Khái niệm & vai trò của giá trị cho cổ đông v Cổ đông (Shareholder) : tổ chức hoặc cá nhân sở hữu cổ phần của DN như 1 khoản đầu tư dài hạn (long-term invesment). v Giá trị (Value) : “thu được nhiều hơn đầu tư” Wenner và LeBer (1990) : S.V được quyết định bởi giá trị hiện tại ròng của các dòng tiền luân chuyển (NPV of all future CF), được chiết khấu với chi phí vốn.

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  • 398 Planning and Forecasting 4. Among costs deferred by EP were research and development. These costs must be expensed as incurred under U.S. GAAP. 5. The line item for “Pension and other post-retirement benefits” highlights the current consistency between Portuguese and U.S. GAAP in recognizing the associated expense. However, the adjustment in Exhibit 12.27, shareholders’ equity reconciliation, reveals a continuing difference in the recognition of the associated benefit liability.

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  • Profit plan: A company’s total budget used in achieving a desired profit goal. Sometimes the term refers only to the operating budget, and sometimes it is used synonymously with the term master budget. Prospectus: Part I of a Registration Statement filed by a company offering its securities to the public, which Registration Statement is filed with and must be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Prospectus describes the registering company, its business and finances, and the risk factors the company faces.

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