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  • It is also likely that the toxic components of tobacco smoke, mainly nicotine, may directly or indirectly deteriorate periodontal tissues. Cigarette smoking represents a risk factor for progression of periodontitis, the effect of which may be dose related. Heavy smokers should be considered as high-risk individuals for progression of periodontitis. The clinical implications for this are that smokers should be identified during patient examination and efforts should be made to modify this behavioural risk factor.

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  • Once the Sprint has started, the Team engages in another of the key Scrum practices: The Daily Scrum. This is a short (15 minutes or less) stand-up meeting that happens every workday at an appointed time, and everyone on the Scrum Team attends; in order to keep it brief, everyone stands (hence “stand-up meeting”). It’s the team’s opportunity to report to itself on progress and obstacles. One by one, each member of the team reports three (and only three) things to the other members of the team: What they were able to get done since the last meeting; what they’re...

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  • In the second part, all chapters refer to the latest advances in microbial biotechnology to be used in recombinant protein production as well as heterologous protein biosynthesis. The chapters included in the third section are focused on recent achievements in molecular biotechnology and genetic engineering. In the final section, the chapters emphasize the main scientific results that were accomplished in tissue engineering as an important biotechnological tool in medicine and health care. ...

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  • Sound emission (AE) is one of the most important test non-destructive (NDT) methods of materials, construction and machinery. The sound emission method with most other technical non-destructive testing in two important respects. first of all, the signal source is always located inside the investigated materials / structures. The second important thing is the NDT method to detect geometrical discontinuities, while emission sound motion detection errors.

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  • Rai & Tripathi (2009a) added that most metals in aquatic environment associated with particulate matter, then settled and accumulated in the bed sediments. The accumulation of contaminant in the bed sediments and the remobilization of contaminant are the most important mechanisms of contaminant in an aquatic ecosystem regulation. Furthermore, under certain circumstances such as deficit in dissolved oxygen or decreased in pH, the bed sediments can be another source of secondary water pollution when the heavy metals from bed sediments are released....

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  • This document provides draft EOS Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, including North Channel which summarizes the major environmental obstacles to achieve FCOs. In many cases the desired terminals for the environmental conditions are not quantified due to lack of information or incomplete knowledge of the community relations environment / child.

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  • Environmental accounting information need not be the product of accountants, nor need it be used by accountants. Instead, it is any information with either explicit or implicit financial content that is used as an input to a firm's decision-making. Product designers, financial analysts, and facility managers are equally likely to be the users of environmental accounting data. Almost any type of information collected and analyzed by firms will qualify.

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  • Regarding most of my examples, it seems implausible to suggest that a special unifying quality is present, that there is some kind of culmination or that energies have run their proper course. If there is anything that gives these examples a sense of closure, it is that my attention turns away from the moment of experience and moves on to something else. But sometimes the attention is only partially present in such cases; and very often it simply drifts away, rather than being consciously redirected in recognition that a circumscribed moment of experience has come to a close....

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  • The scale of the challenge we face in managing these risks may be daunting, but this report means that the Environment Agency and the organisations and people we work with can meet it more effectively. We must also make sure we build a better relationship between those at risk and those who manage this risk. Much more can be achieved by bringing all the interested parties together through the Environment Agency’s strategic overview of all sources of flooding with a shared understanding of the risks.

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  • Looking more closely at the revenue inputs, two clear con- cepts emerge regarding the hedge fund business model. First, because hedge funds can be opportunistic with how they invest, both the manager and investor stand to benefit tremendously when the manager performs well. Second, there is only one consistently reliable revenue input for funds: the management fee. Not surprisingly, the manag- ers we work with who are most sustainability-minded think of their revenues in terms of their management fee alone.

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  • Adverse selection occurs when a producer has more information about the risk of loss than does the insurer, and is better able to determine the fairness of premium rates (Harwood et al., 1999). As a result, those who are overcharged are less likely to purchase insurance, while those who are undercharged are more likely to over- purchase insurance. Over time, indemnities will exceed premiums in such markets, and raising premium rates for all insureds will potentially create an even more adversely selected market as the less-risky participants drop out of the program.

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  • Microorganisms associated with the production of volatile compound in spoilt mango fruits sold in Sokoto town were isolated and identified. The organisms include seven species of bacteria and a species of yeast. These include Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus firmus, Brevibacillus laterosporus, Morganella morganii, Paenibacillus alvei, Staphylococcus saccharolyticus, Listeria monocytogenes and Candida krusei respectively. GC-MS analysis revealed the presence of eleven and sixteen volatile organic compound in the healthy and spoilt ripe mango fruits.

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  • Privacy laws differ considerably fromcountry to country. It is important to note that if an organization is doing business inmultiple countries, its privacy plan must address requirements to comply with the privacy laws of all of the countries in which it conducts business or has operations. The management team in each country or those managers in the corporate headquarters responsible for business operations in each country need to address specific requirements.

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  • This interpretation establishes that:(i) when the terms of a financial liability are renegotiated with the creditor and the creditor accepts the company’s equity instruments to extinguish all or part of the liability, the instruments issued are considered to be part of the consideration paid to extinguish the financial liability; (ii) these instruments must be measured at their fair value, unless this cannot be reliably estimated, in which case the valuation of the new instruments must reflect the fair value of the financial liability settled; and (iii) the difference between the ca...

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  • With Oracle Real Application Clusters (as with any other Oracle database) the Oracle Instance (the processes and memory structures allocated on a server to allow access to the data) is de-coupled from the Oracle Database (the physical structures residing on the storage, which actually hold the data. These structures are commonly known as ‘datafiles’). However, a clustered database (using more than one instance) differs from a single instance database in a way that the database can be accessed by multiple instances concurrently.

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  • Turning to the growth in rentals for three bedroom houses, using a comparable 1975 urban aggregate index of 100, the following rent index table indicates that rentals have only grown at 74 percent of the indexed growth in housing prices (overall index growth of 580 for rentals, compared with 786 for prices). However, the rental growth was uneven across regions: the inner urban LGAs of Prahran and South Melbourne showed a growth in their respective rental indices of 1028 and 1013, clearly ahead of growth in their price indices of 494 and 942.

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  • Since capital requirements under Basel I, the relevant regulation during our sample period, are generally risk insensitive, riskier banks cannot be formally required to hold more capital. Regulators may, however, discretionally ask banks to do so. In the US for example, regulators have modified Basel I to increase its risk sensitivity and the results could reflect these modifications (FDICIA). However, the coefficient on risk is twice as large for market leverage as for book leverage (Table VII).

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  • We compare the predicted values with actual correlations for the sample firms and investigate the cross-sectional relation between them to assess the extent to which the simple model described in the previous section fits the data. First, we report the average values of the predicted serial-and cross-correlations among earnings changes, operating cash flow changes and accrual changes.

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  • In my prior works (Altman 1992, 1996) on the distressed and defaulted debt market, estimates of the size of the market were as high as $300 billion (face value) and $200 billion (market value) at the start of 1990. Since that date, the size of the market has diminished consistently. This data is shown in Exhibit 1 and includes public and private debt estimates. The private debt total was estimated by applying a multiplier of as high as three times the public debt in 1990 and as low as 1.85-to-one in 1992. Both of these estimates are based on empirical observations of a...

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  • After you miss a rent payment, your landlord must give you notice and wait three days, not counting Saturday, Sunday or court observed legal holidays, before the landlord can evict you. Th e landlord must give notice by mail, directly to you, or leave the notice at your residence. Th e notice must specify the amount due and the deadline for payment. If you pay rent within the 3-day limit, then your landlord must stop the eviction proceedings. If you do not think the landlord will accept the rent within 3 days if you do attempt to...

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