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  • In 2006 Korean shipbuilding companies got new orders of 19,585,000 CGT, which was the highest number since 2000. Moreover in the first half of 2007 Korean shipbuilders have received 51.3% more orders than that of a year ago. Strong demand for new vessels was expected to continue for the next few years at least, due to expanding world-wide seaborne trade, especially between China and USA, and increasing need of new ships to adapt new International Maritime Organization’s requirements.

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  • Giới thiệu chung. Tên công ty: Triệu. Tên giao dịch quốc tế: NAM TRIEU SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY COMPANY Tên viết tắt : NASICO Tổng công ty công nghiệp tàu thuỷ Nam Địa chỉ trụ sở chính: Xã Tam Hưng - Huyện Thuỷ Nguyên Hải Phòng. Số điện thoại: 84.313.775501 - 875215 84.313.875135. Email: Công ty công nghiệp tàu thuỷ Nam Triệu được thành lập năm 1966 là một thành viên của Tổng Công ty Công nghiệp tàu thuỷ Việt Nam.

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  • Hyundai Heavy Industries has successfully built a large LPG cargo without using dry dock “called on-ground building method” for the first time in the world. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has built Bulk and LPG carriers with “on-ground building and launching barge” mixed production method. Hanjin Heavy Industries has delivered 8400 TEU container ship, whose length was over the length of dry dock, by using “DAM Production Technology”. By this technology two parts of a ship could be erected on the sea after launching from the dock.

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