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  • The U.S. Navy spends nearly $4 billion annually on maintaining ships. Most of this work is done at public shipyards that perform some of the most complex tasks the Department of Defense must accomplish. Shipyard managers face some unique challenges. The shipyards are required to be flexible enough to meet both

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  • DOOSAN Engine applies anticorrosion oil for engine parts as follow (reference 1) and long term protection is the standard if there is no request. The engine and related parts have to be stored in clean and dry indoor space (over 20 degree Celsius, below 50% of relative humidity) from arrival at shipyard to installation.

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  • The main types of archaeological relics such as ancient trade ports, sunken ships and shipyards are found sufficiently in the two provinces. In terms of date and origin, there is a diversity of the archaeological artefacts, including the ceramic, the stone, the iron and the wooden ones. Due to the present demands for people’s life and local economic development, the cultural heritage is getting damaged more and more seriously.

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  • Chiếu sáng nhân tạo trong nhà máy đóng tầu Artificial lighting in shipyards Tiêu chuẩn này thay thế cho TCVN 3258 : 1979 Tiêu chuẩn này quy định chiếu sáng nhân tạo nhà máy xí nghiệp sửa chữa, đóng tàu. Tiêu chuẩn này được sử dụng để thiết kế, sửa chữa, thay thế và quản lí các thiết bị chiếu sáng nhân tạo trong các nhà máy đóng tàu. 1. Quy định chung 1.1.

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  • Nowadays, it is generally accepted that in the natural and industrial environments, corrosion and pollution are interrelated harmful processes since many water, air and soil pollutants accelerate corrosion, and corrosion products such as rust, oxides and salts, also pollute water bodies at ports, rivers, dams, canals and shipyards. Both are pernicious processes that impair the durability of the infrastructure assets, the industry efficiency and profitability and the quality of the environment.

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  • The design, engineering, and production of any complex system require special skills, tools, and experience. This is especially true for the industrial base that supports the design and construction of nuclear submarines. A single shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness, designs and builds the United Kingdom’s nuclear submarines, and many of the vendors that support submarine construction, especially those associated with the nuclear steam-raising plant, are sole-source provider

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  • Information technology is another approach to transfer skills. Hiekata et al. (2005A, 2005B, 2006, 2007) developed knowledge transfer system, which can be applied effectively to acquire knowledge of elder experts. The characteristics of each job were revealed through questionnaire and structured interviews, and the job process is analysed and represented by workflow and related documents, where tacit knowledge of some tasks can be turned to explicitly documented knowledge.

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  • Automation is also important to replace the skilled workers. Welding is one of the most important jobs in shipyards, and the ratio of the mechanized welding in Japanese shipyards is 42% in average, and 64% in the most advanced shipyard (Miyazaki 2008). Further development of mechanized welding calls for a breakthrough. Miyazaki (2008) showed some challenges such as mechanized welding inside the double hull structure in the assembly stage, and mechanized butt welding of longitudinals inside the double hull structure in the erection stage.

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  • Brazilian shipbuilding industry, the main representative of this industry in Latin America, has been very active during the 70s and 80s. Afterwards it has experimented a deep decline. The main preserved construction niche was devoted to supply boats for offshore operations. More recently, due to a political decision from the federal government, most of the orders for offshore platforms and large ocean ships have been placed in the national shipyards.

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  • Main technical issues to be resolved before greater implementation of aluminum alloys in ship structures include weld quality since these alloys are more difficult to weld relative to steel and that shipyards typically have limited experience in these alloys. In terms of mechanical properties, aluminum alloys generally exhibit lower fatigue strength when compared to steel. As-welded fatigue properties can be as low as 6 to 7 ksi (Czyryca et al 2006).

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