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  • South Africa’s skills shortages are widely regarded as a key factor preventing the achievement of targeted growth rates. There is some dispute as to the nature and extent of these shortages, given that the country also has a large pool of unemployed graduates. The case studies presented in this monograph explore the question of shortage in nine key professions and trades and find evidence of skills scarcity in most fields.

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  • The United States Air Force is facing the largest peacetime pilot shortage in its history. This report examines the origin and nature of the shortage along with retention issues, and shows that the real problem is experience levels in operational units. It includes insight gained from RAND’s participation in the Rated Management Task Force (RMTF) convened by the Air Force Chief of Staff to define and study these issues.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : The health workforce crisis in Bangladesh: shortage, inappropriate skill-mix and inequitable distribution

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : The current shortage and future surplus of doctors: a projection of the future growth of the Japanese medical workforce

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : Strategies to overcome physician shortages in northern Ontario: A study of policy implementation over 35 years Raymond W Pong

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  • NAT hay còn gọi là Network Address Translation là một kỹ thuật được phát minh lúc khởi đầu dùng để giải quyết vấn đề IP shortage nhưng dần dần nó chứng tỏ nhiều ưu điểm mà lúc phát minh ra nó người ta không nghĩ tới

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  • The authors of the articles, while they mention a number of the elements in the dust, think of it as a “liming” material rather than a broad-spectrum remineralization material. Significantly, they observe: “Use of cement kiln dusts for soil liming is not a new idea, but it seems to have received little attention and the relative merits of the dust and of conventional liming materials have not been well studied.

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  • Today’s central problem facing business is not a shortage of goods but a shortage of customers. Most of the world’s industries can pro- duce far more goods than the world’s consumers can buy. Overca- pacity results from individual competitors projecting a greater market share growth than is possible. If each company projects a 10 percent growth in its sales and the total market is growing by only 3 percent, the result is excess capacity.

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  • A third consecutive year of 8%-plus growth was led by strong expansion of investment and consumption. The rapid growth has strained resources, as shown by a surge in imports, infrastructure bottlenecks, skilled-labor shortages, and inflation, which accelerated to over 19% year on year by March 2008. The authorities have tightened monetary policy and allowed some exchange rate flexibility to rein in price rises, and are initiating fiscal measures. These steps, plus weaker external demand, should pull back growth this year. In 2009, inflation is expected to moderate and GDP growth pick up.

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  • There is not likely to be a shortage of accessible mixed rock anywhere in the world — even the Sahara desert and Brazil are underlaid with till from ancient glaciations (John, 1980) — only a shortage of environmentally constructive systems set up for quarrying, grinding, distributing and recycling the nutrients; and a lack of awareness of the need.

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  • With shortages of fossil energy and heavy biomass energy use occurring in both developed and developing countries, a major focus has developed worldwide on renewable energy systems. Currently, a heavy focus is on biofuels made from crops, crop residues and wood. Though it may seem beneficial to use renewable plant materials for biofuel, their use raises many concerns about major environmental problems, including food shortages and serious destruction of vital soil resources.

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  • As populations increase and countries industrialize, the world’s demand for energy increases. Our supply of petroleum and gas is limited, but the photovoltaic cell offers a solution to the problem of a future energy shortage. This cell is already an important source of energy. In fact, it seems almost like magic. The photovoltaic cell changes sunlight directly into energy. Solar energy – energy from the sun – is clean, easily available, inexhaustible, and free, if the equipment is available....

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  • Security is a significant concern for any organization. If the organization has to have a presence on or a connection to the Internet, it will also have special needs to protect itself from unwanted intrusion and attacks from malicious and hostile sources. The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by the growth in the numbers and sophistication of hackers and the tools available to them. As many organizations and home users who have a permanent connection to the Internet can attest, there is no shortage of people who want to scan ports or break into systems.

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  • This paper identifies five water environmental problems in the Delta that are the principal limiting factors of agricultural production and human health, i.e. (i) the salinity intrusion in the coastal areas, (ii) the effect of acid sulfate soils, (iii) the polluted water from human activities, (iv) the fresh water shortage in the dry season and (v) the flood in the rainy season. The discussion and conclusion present the people’s adaption strategies and water gorvernance issues in pursing sustainable management in the region.......

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  • This book pioneers life-saving innovations and assists in the combat against world hunger and food shortages that threaten human essentials, such as water and energy supply. Floods, droughts, fires, storms, climate change, global warming and greenhouse gas emissions can be devastating, altering the environment and, ultimately, the production of foods.

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  • Due to the increase in world population (more than seven billion inhabitants) the global food industry has the largest number of demanding and knowledgeable consumers. This population requires food products that fulfill the high quality standards established by the food industry organizations. Food shortages threaten human health, and also the disastrous extreme climatic events make food shortages even worse. This collection of articles is a timely contribution to issues relating to the food industry.

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  • THỰC HÀNH CHÂM CỨU TRỊ LIỆU SỮA THIẾU (Thiểu Nhũ - Nhũ Trấp Phân Bí Bất Túc - Shortage Of Breast Milk) A. Đại cương Sữa thiếu là tình trạng phụ nữ sau khi sinh (đẻ) mà sữa tiết ra ít, không đủ sữa cho con bú. B. Nguyên nhân Do người mẹ suy yếu, thiếu dinh dưỡng hoặc tinh thần không được thoải mái, cho con bú không đúng phương pháp. Theo YHCT: Sữa là do khí huyết ở mạch Xung Nhâm biến thành. Vì vậy, sau khi sinh, sữa ra ít hoặc chậm ra thường do khí huyết không đủ,...

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  • Become less; decrease; diminish (Giảm bớt; trở nên ít đi; sút giảm ) Ex: The water shortage in abating, but it is still a matter of some concern. (Sự khan hiếm nước đã giảm bớt nhưng vẫn còn là một vấn đề phải lo âu )

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  • Chn phương án A, B, C hoac D ñe hoàn thành các câu sau: 1. I coundn’t tell what time it was because workmen had removed the …… of the clock A. hands B. pointer C. arms D. fingers 2. Most developing contries are in …..of capital and technical assistance A. lack B. shortage C. need D. deficiency 3. Tropical regions receive …..rain and this condition helps to make it ideal for growing rice A. many B. much C. some D. a large number of 4. Life without…… would be dull A. a laughter B. the laughter C. laugh D. laughter 5. What the speaker said was…..meaningless.

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  • The use of biodiesel worldwide is becoming increasingly important, because of the widespread shortage of oil resources, which has raised the prices of fossil fuels. This biofuel also offers an opportunity to meet the energy demands with less impact to the environment due its renewable characteristics. This book entitled "Biodiesel – Quality, Emissions and By-Products" comprises 20 chapters and covers topics related to biodiesel quality, performance of combustion engines that use biodiesel, and the emissions they generate.

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