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  • The results show that, before the program is introduced, only 8.47% of the technical students have shown high interests in engineering field with only 7.5% female students are interested in engineering compared to 18.42% for male students. After the program is introduced, as high as 33.05% students rated their interest in engineering field as ‘most interested’, with 39.47% in male students and 30% in female students. It proves that an engineering event is crucial in increasing students’ interests in engineering.

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  • Woodford (2000) has shown that the problem is more complex than fiscal versus monetary dominance. Faithful adherence to an anti-inflation monetary rule may not by itself be sufficient to ensure price stability – because government policy frameworks may engender fiscal expectations that are inconsistent with stable prices. The conclusion from this brief summary of these perspectives from economic theory is that there is no agreed view about the impact of government debt on the long-term interest rates.

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  • In the box published in October, we focused primarily on forecasts made for European economies in early 2010. The reason was simple: A number of large multiyear fiscal consolidation plans were announced then, particularly in Europe, and conditions for larger- than-normal multipliers were ripe. First, because of the binding zero lower bound on nominal interest rates, central banks could not cut interest rates to offset the negative short-term effects of a fiscal consolidation on economic activity.

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  • In a competitive world of symmetric information and costless enforcement, credit contracts could be written conditional on borrower behavior. Borrowers would then have access to loans under any interest rate-collateral combination that would yield lenders a zero expected profit. However, as a large literature has shown, information asymmetries and enforcement costs make such conditional contracting infeasible and restrict the set of available contracts, eliminating as incentive incompatible high interest rate, low collateral contracts.

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  • Abstract: Industry standard for the control of switch mode power supply (SMPS) systems has been analog control. Now with the advent of high speed, lower cost digital signal processing (DSP) ICs, digital control there has been an increased interest in digital control of SMPS. The Power Electronics & Power Quality Laboratory of Texas A&M University is currently exploring several implementation aspects of digital control of power factor correction (PFC) stage of SMPS. Two low cost digital controllers: TMS320LF2407 and ST52x420 are evaluated for implementing PFC function.

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  • important regulators of biological processes in animals and plants. MiRNAs regulate gene expression at the posttranscriptional level by binding to mRNAs and either inhibit translation or modify the stability of the mRNA. Due to the important biological role of miRNAs it is of great interest to study their expression level in the cells. Furthermore, miRNAs have been associated with cancer and other diseases [1] and miRNA expression can help in the diagnosis and prognostic of human disease [2,3].

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  • Significant interest has emerged in the therapeutic and interactive effects of different cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to have anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects with high doses administered orally.

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  • Over the last decade sensitivity analysis techniques have been shown to be very useful to analyse complex and high dimensional Systems Biology models. However, many of the currently available toolboxes have either used parameter sampling, been focused on a restricted set of model observables of interest, studied optimisation of a objective function, or have not dealt with multiple simultaneous model parameter changes where the changes can be permanent or temporary.

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