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  • My nightmare started like this. I was standing on a deserted street in some little beach town. It was the middle of the night. A storm was blowing. Wind and rain ripped at the palm trees along the sidewalk. Pink and yellow stucco buildings lined the street, their win-dows boarded up. A block away, past a line of hibiscus bushes, the ocean churned. Florida, I thought. Though I wasn't sure how I knew that. I'd never been to Florida. Then I heard hooves clattering against the pavement. I turned and saw my friend Grover running for his life....

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  • Thirty-some years ago, I spent my junior year abroad studying Danish and English literature at the University of Copenhagen. During the long, dusky Danish winter days, the lights of Copenhagen’s specialty shops cast an inviting glow out over the dim sidewalks. With idle hours to fill between university classes, I often succumbed to the lure of fine design and friendly European service, wandering from shop to shop along Copenhagen’s winding pedestrian streets.

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  • Many pavements, which are considered to be structurally sound after the construction of an overlay, prematurely exhibit a cracking pattern similar to that which existed in the underlying pavement. This propagation of an existing crack pattern, from discontinuities in the old pavement, into and through a new overlay is known as reflective cracking. Reflective cracks destroy surface continuity, decrease structural strength, and allow water to enter sublayers. Thus, the problems that weakened the old pavement are extended up into the new overlay.

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  • Contents in this presentation 1. Background 2. Constructability and field performance 3. New pavement design models for reinforced asphalt 4. New material assessment methods for pavement design 5. Evaluation of reinforced asphalt products for a road application in NSW

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  • And what a blessing that it is so! Osa Johnson, the world's most famous woman explorer, recently told me how she found release from worry and grief. You may have read the story of her life. It is called I Married Adventure. If any woman ever married adventure, she certainly did. Martin Johnson married her when she was sixteen and lifted her feet off the sidewalks of Chanute, Kansas, and set them down on the wild jungle trails of Borneo. For a quarter of a century, this Kansas couple travelled all over the world, making motion pictures of the...

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  • Canadians take care of their houses and gardens. They expect their neighbours to take care of their houses and gardens. In most cities and towns, municipal bylaws require homeowners to keep their property neat and tidy. Some cities require owners to shovel the sidewalk in front of their house in winter. If you rent an apartment, this is the landlord’s responsibility. Most Canadians want to eventually buy a home. When Canadians grow older, they often sell their houses and use the money from the sale to buy a condominium or rent an apartment.

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  • We measured and tested whether the following variables affect walking (basis: 200m buffer around each child's shortest walking path): number of busy intersections crossed, intersection and street density, total daily vehicle-miles traveled, average vehicle speed along the route, population density, and land use (R Wilson, 2008). Sidewalk coverage data do not exist for Roseville and could not be tested in the model. We refined the model through systematic testing of independent variables as the differ- ence in log-likelihood ratios.

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  • As advocates for public sculpture, you can navigate through the complexities of contract- ing to assure that the person or firm selected is the best-qualified professional for the job. Contracting procedures should never stand in the way of good conservation. Your first task is to educate the appropriate people in the department responsible for contracting or procure- ment. The message is simple: Sculpture is not the same as a sidewalk, a flagpole, or a park bench.

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  • Toronto’s Coordinated Street Furniture Program creates a unique opportunity to dramatically improve and celebrate the quality of our public spaces through exceptional design. Toronto’s streets and sidewalks are key components of the public realm. When they are thoughtfully designed with well- placed amenities, a beautiful, functional and safe urban environment is the result. Street furniture amenities, including transit shelters, benches, recycling bins, publications boxes, information and wayfinding signs, contribute to the way our streets look and feel.

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  • As it was, he couldn’t even walk on the sidewalk. After a brutal town hall meeting about people stepping in horse feces, Sam was told he had to use the bike lane. “Hey, freak! If the NFL doesn’t work out, I know someone who could put you in the movies. Bestiality sells!” Kurt stood up and started humping the air, while singing porno music. “Knock it off, Kurt!” Sarah said. She couldn’t look Sam in the eyes.

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  • A TEW YORK CITY is decorated in greens and reds for the upcoming J. V holiday season. It's business as usual, as the country's largest cityprepares for its annual festivities. The Rockettes are high-kicking befare sold-out audiences at Radio City Music Hall, holiday movies areplaying in theaters all over Manhattan, and Christmas trees are being sold on sidewalk lots. Storefront windows are decked out in seasonal décor. At Madison Square Carden, a different kind of decorating is taking place on the marquee overhanging the sidewalk outside the main entrance....

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  • Walnut trees shade the streets of Davis, California. They also provide food for the crows that roost near Davis. Crows crack walnuts by dropping them from heights of 5–10 meters or more onto sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. Occasionally they drop walnuts in front of approaching cars, as if using the cars to crush the nuts for them. Do crows intentionally use cars as nutcrackers? Some of the citizens of Davis, as well as some professional biologists (Maple 1974, in Cristol et al.

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  • Black polycarbon tentacles hissing across concrete, the diener robot continued along M Street, warmed by the July sun. Its shell was made of porcelain the color of a blue sky, the color of dreams. Sitting in the controller egg at home, Jerome squirmed, feeling as if someone were scraping his skin from the inside. The clear path along the sidewalk turned into cratered moonscape, street sounds to electric charivari. The fragile interlink between him and the diener robot was breaking up in a burst of neurological static.

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  • Participatory Democracy Demands Participation Michael Turk Winning the Future in the Personal Democracy Age Newt Gingrich Participation As sustainable Cooperation In Pursuit of Public Goals Yochai Benkler By the People, For the People Andrew Rasiej

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  • I live in New York City, where the temptations to spend carelessly range from $4 artisanal chocolate chip cookies to gorgeous, expensive brownstones. And don’t get me started on the summers. Every sidewalk café is a promise of social and gastronomic delight. The invitation to spend is seductive.

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