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  • Modern organizations have been required to make significant transformations in response to an accelerating rate of change in technical, social, political, and economic forces. As a result of these changing forces, the management process has become more difficult, requiring greater skills aimed at guiding the future course of an organization in a rapidly evolving and uncertain world. These skills are the essence of strategic management. Strategic management is concerned with deciding in advance what an organization should do in the future (strategic planning).

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  • In this context, the vision for ASEAN tourism over the next decade to 2025 is: By 2025, ASEAN will be a quality tourism destination offering a unique, diverse ASEAN experience, and will be committed to responsible, sustainable, inclusive and balanced tourism development, so as to contribute significantly to the socioeconomic well-being of ASEAN people.

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  • Aerospace power has become the archetypal expression of the U.S. ability to project force in the modern world. Throughout the world, U.S. aerospace power—and thus, the U.S. Air Force (USAF)—plays a critical, and often primary, role in securing U.S. interests, in promoting American values, and in protecting human rights. While the USAF has had significant success in employing aerospace power in the recent past, emerging trends in international relations, in technology, and in our own domestic society will create a wide variety of new challenges and new opportunities for U.S....

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  • This chapter illustrates the significance of quality: Prizes recognize improvements in quality; international standards measure quality. Please refer to the detailed content.

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  • Strategic knowledge management, innovation and firm performance: An empirical study in Vietnamese firms. The main purpose of this paper is to test the relationship between strategic knowledge management, innovation and firm performance in the Vietnamese context. Our results show that strategic knowledge management significantly enhances innovation and organizational performance.

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  • Consulting is a knowledge-intensive industry, in which human resources are considered to be the most important asset. This industry, which had been flourishing until recently, has attracted the interest of academia, private business, public authorities and even journalists. As a result, a broad range of issues related to this sector have been explored in detail. However, only a few contributions deal with personnel or human resource management.

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  • A site plan is a map of the event and is essential for event planning and management. All key stakeholders can use it as part of the planning process, with consultation as to its final layout. The site plan must be easy to interpret and be posted strategically around the site for use by patrons. The site plan can be distributed for setting up the event and is also invaluable in an emergency. Use the checklist below to determine what must be shown on the site map. Use a simple grid format and include surrounding streets and landmarks. Entrances,...

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  • The Committee on Chemical Safety is well aware of the possible negative perception of the word audit.Once you understand its meaning as used in this document, you may, at your discretion, replace it with alternatives. Examples of alternative terms include safety survey, safety consultation, safety assessment, field observation, field assessment, or operational survey. Throughout this manual, the concept of environment, health, and safety is intended, but for the sake of simplicity, safety is used.

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  • As with every hypothesis test, inference based on alpha estimates can lead to the detection of a lucky fund, namely a fund with a significant estimated alpha, while its true alpha is equal to zero. The difficulty raised by the standard approach is that it implies a multiple hypothesis test since the null hypothesis of no performance is not tested once, but M times. Accounting for the presence of luck in a multiple testing framework is much more complex, because luck cannot be measured by the significance level applied to each fund.

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  • As with every hypothesis test, inference based on alpha estimates can lead to the detection of a lucky fund, namely a fund with a significant estimated alpha, while its true alpha is equal to zero. When a single performance test is run on the estimated alpha of one fund (or one portfolio of funds1), luck is easily controlled by setting the significance level γ (or alternatively the Size of the test). For instance, if γ is set to 0.05, the probability of finding one lucky fund under the hypothesis that its alpha is zero amounts to 0.05, by construction.

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  • Transitioning to a low carbon and climate resilient economy, and more broadly „greening growth‟ will require shifting significant amounts of capital from fossil fuels and resource-intensive and polluting technologies to newer, clean technology and infrastructure. The appropriate investment landscape will also need to be supported by policy to drive additional capital towards „greening‟ or accelerated phase-out of long-lived black assets such as coal-fired power plants, refineries, buildings and energy infrastructure.

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  • In recent decades a significant part of the land use changes caused by the population expansion in Turkish cities has not followed an urban development plan but was rather driven by unlicensed build- ing activities. 5 As an example, the built-up area in the province of Istanbul increased by more than 40% between 1990 and 2005. New settlements were typically erected on public land near water bodies and in areas that had been made more accessible by new trans- portation routes like the Transit European Motorway, the E-5 and the second Bosphorus Bridge.

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  • The typical amount remitted per transaction by international migrants ranges from US$100 to US$1,000 (Sander and Maimbo 2003, 16). According to the World Bank (2004), the global average transaction value is US$200. Migrants make significant sacrifices to send an average of US$200 eight or more times per year to their home country. Several studies indicate that permanent migrants send about 15 per cent of their salary home, whereas temporary migrants may remit up to 50 per cent of their income (USAID 2002, quoted in Sander 2003a, 8).

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  • The classifications most likely to yield significant differences among identifiable groups of • small businesses are industry, employee size of business, and years of business ownership. The other classifications examined, for example legal form of business, infrequently exhibit substantial differences among their components and even when they do, the differences are often functions of variations among groups in the aforementioned classifications.

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  • Practical experience has shown that comprehensive, company-wide or agency-wide information security oriented towards long-term fulfilment of requirements and sustainable limitation of the risks can only be achieved through information security management. BSI Standard 100-1 ”Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)” (see [BSI1]) describes the information security process. Within the ISMS, the IS audit is part of the information security process and is integrated into “Check” phase of the PDCA model by Deming.

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  • PSI and YouthAIDS rely on partnership, and they work to harness different capabilities and strengths from their partners to enhance end results. Indeed, because all of PSI/YouthAIDS’ programmatic work is conducted in-country, it cannot operate effectively or efficiently as a global organization without local cooperation and knowledge. Partnership helps to avoid duplication of effort and also works to maximize health impact given limited budget.

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  • Interview results support the idea that the executive director plays a central role of in an organization’s operations and effective governance. In the organizations interviewed, all had self-defined successful relationships between the executive director and board of directors—partly because the executive director actively participated in board matters. The caveat is that executive directors were strategic in their areas of involvement and, more importantly, how they got involved (i.e.

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  • The 7 Deadly Myths of Gold Investing And the 7 Empowering Signs That Now Is the Right Time to Invest in Gold by Damon Geller Copyright 2012 by Damon Geller Published by Christopher Prince at Smashwords Smashwords Edition, License Notes: This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re­ sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another  person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.

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  • Environmental Communication is the planned and strategic use of communication processes to support effective policy-making and project implementation geared towards environmental sustainability. Despite its acknowledged impact, Environmental Communication is rarely integrated in development cooperation programs as a strategic tool. For this reason, the Development Assistance Committee’s Working Party on Development Cooperation and Environment established an Interest Group on Environmental Communication in 1997 to work on these issues.

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  • Multicast services on public television include the World Channel, Create, V-Me, and MHz Worldview. Many public television stations have created their own multicast channels, including C-SPAN-like services that offer coverage of state and local government, educational channels, and cultural channels. A significant number of public radio stations have converted their analog transmission plants to digital technology. Public radio has not only been a leader in adopting multicast technology, NPR was a leader in developing the technology that permits multicast operation.

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