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  • The Scots and Welsh are called Englishmen {orang Inggris) by Indonesians. Similarly the people of Sunda, or West Java, who inhabit the Westernmost third of the island of Java, are sometimes wrongly referred to by foreigners as Javanese. Sundanese culture, language and music are quite distinct from those of the Javanese people of Central and East Java - although of course there are also elements in common. In Sunda there is a bewildering diversity of musical genres. This handbook is concerned with just three of these: gamelan sal6ndro/pelog, gamelan degung and tembang Sunda.

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  • Left: A view of the Pacific from Annette and Stan Cook’s Malibu house, which was designed by Vicente Wolf. On the cover: George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth’s living room in Washington, D.C. “Capital Idea,” page 106. Photography by Simon Upton; styled by Anita Sarsidi. Departments MAY 2009 VOLUME 20 NUMBER 4 30 Editor’s Page By Margaret Russell 32 Our Crowd This issue’s contributors. By Kamala Nair 34 Mailbox Our readers write 37 What’s Hot! Dispatches from the world of design 42 Giorgio Armani takes Fifth Avenue.

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  • Giáo sư George Cook chuyên ngành marketing và tâm lý khối cao học kinh tế Simon thuộc trường Rochester định nghĩa ngắn: “Logo là dấu ấn đồ họa làm thành biểu tượng mà các doanh nghiệp hoặc tổ chức sử dụng, nhằm quảng bá công ty, đơn vị, sản phẩm hoặc dịch vụ của mình”.

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