Simple ecosystems

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  • What makes populations stabilize? What makes them fluctuate? Are populations in complex ecosystems more stable than populations in simple ecosystems? In 1973, Robert May addressed these questions in this classic book. May investigated the mathematical roots of population dynamics and argued-counter to most current biological thinking-that complex ecosystems in themselves do not lead to population stability.

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  • OpenGL is not a single API anymore. OpenGL has involved into a family of APIs, with OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and WebGL being closely related siblings that enable application developers to write and deploy graphics applications on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. OpenGL has become an ecosystem; 3D graphics is truly everywhere now. OpenGL is the cross platform 3D API for desktop machines and work stations. OpenGL ES is the 3D API for mobile devices, like tablets and cell phones, and embedded platforms from settop boxes to cars.

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  • This book is for anyone interested in the consequences of disturbance. What happens after the lava cools, or when the muddy floodwaters recede or an old road is abandoned? Primary succession is the process of ecosystem development on barren surfaces where severe disturbances have removed most vestiges of biological activity. It includes the development of complex systems from simple biotic and abiotic (non-biological) components. Primary succession starts when plants, animals and microbes colonize new surfaces. The process is influenced by local conditions, context and site history.

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  • Praise for Business in the Cloud: What Every Business Needs to Know About Cloud Computing In Business in the Cloud, Michael Hugos and Derek Hulitzky explain the many changes that cloud computing is bringing to technology, organizations, and industry ecosystems. Their book is a tutorial written in simple language to help readers understand the potential of the cloud to transform every industry in the years ahead. Business in the Cloud is highly recommended for anyone who wants to take advantage of the many opportunities being brought by cloud computing to business and society.

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  • Ants, single-celled creatures such as the cellular slime mold, plants and animals in ecosystems, and (even) human beings can congregate and display miraculously complex behaviors.* Say a colony of ants in a tree needs to move to another tree, perhaps in search of food. Some ants build a bridge by joining their bodies in a chain stretching from one limb in one tree to another limb in another tree. Other ants cross over this ant structure, walking over their peers. Once all the ants have crossed over, the ants in the bridge begin to gracefully undo the structure, crossing one by one.

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  • Traditional engineered solutions often work against nature, particularly when they aim to constrain regular ecological cycles, such as annual river flooding and coastal erosion, and could further threaten ecosystem services if creation of dams, sea walls, and flood canals leads to habitat loss.

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  • The Japanese love their landscapes tamed and manicured, more parks than wilderness. 12 They like artfully to prune their pines, cultivate simple flower and rock gardens, arrange a waterfall, attract some geese, walk a path with a geometrically rising curve, look back, and enjoy the moon rising over the temple, silhouetting it all. They are hardly interested in admiring a pristine ecosystem or geological formations.

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  • Freshwater sponges are common animals of most aquatic ecosystems. They utilize flagellated choanocytes to pump water through a series of canals. Incoming water enters through ostia, passes through choanocyte chambers, and exits through the osculum. Bacteria are filtered from incoming water, and large volumes of water can pass through a sponge in a 24-hour period. Because of their simple morphological construction, many cells come into direct contact with the surrounding water as the sponge pumps.

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