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  • The concept of summerschools and workshops at the Kanzelho¨he Solar Observatory, Ka¨rnten, Austria, devoted to up-to-date topics in solar physics has been proven to be extremely successful, and thus in August/September 2003 the third combined summerschool and workshop was held there. This book contains the proceedings of the Summerschool and Workshop “Solar Magnetic Phenomena” held from 25 August to 5 September 2003 at the Solar Observatory Kanzelho¨he, which belongs to the Institute for Geophysics, Astrophysics and Meteorology of the University of Graz, Austria.

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  • NO2 is a product of combustion. It is a precursor to ground-level ozone formation through photochemical reactions involving VOCs. NO2 causes a brown colour in the atmosphere at elevated concentrations. It reacts in the atmosphere with ammonia to form fine particulates, which reduce visibility and increase PM2.5 concentrations (Levelton Engineering Limited, 2000). NO2 irritates the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract.

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  • The LoopStar 800 SONET Access System enables service providers to cost effectively deploy a fiber-based solution to address locations where copper-based M13 multiplexers are typically deployed. While providing an effective alternative to copper-based M13s, the LoopStar 800 can deliver other advanced services simultaneously from the same system. As a result, the LoopStar 800 provides increased network visibility through its SONET management features and supports other services without significantly increasing the per port cost over traditional M13 multiplexers....

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  • It has also become one of the most visible representations of natural language processing to the outside world. Machine translation systems are relatively unique with respect to the extent of the coverage they attempt, and, correspondingly, the size of the grammatical and lexicaI corpora involved. Adding to this the complexity introduced by multiple language directions into the same system design (and the enormous procedural problems imposed by simultaneous development in several sites) gives some clue as to the optimism which presently exists for machine translation. ...

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