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  • The purpose of this book is to consider the woman and her health needs in her position in her life cycle, her family, and society. Women have historically been ‘‘the other’’ in medical care. Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson considered women’s development to be deviant from the normal, which was men’s. Although the Greeks Hippocrates and Soranus wrote about women’s medical needs, women’s health concerns have either been considered abnormal, or, traditionally, been condensed to their gynecological functions and disorders, perhaps because these were their only valued functions....

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  • Two major influences underpin Michael Shaw’s work, the first is Minimalist sculpture and the theories of Donald Judd; the second is Piero della Francesca and his: book on the Five Regular Solids (Libellus de Quinque Corporibus Regularibus) which describes innovative interpretations of solid geometry. The influence of minimalist sculpture focuses on Judd’s concept of ‘specific objects’ where, as Judd writes ‘the shape, image, colour and surface are single’.

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  • Ancient traditions, when tested by the severe processes of modern investigation, commonly enough fade away into mere dreams: but it is singular how often the dream turns out to have been a half-waking one, presaging a reality.

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  • This manual covers a number of major areas, which either singularly of collectively, have historically exacerbated the problems inherent in mass crowd-intensive events. These areas include such aspects as physical layouts (including site, structures, and access), spectator management (including crowd organization, flow, and ingress/egress control), and public safety (including security, public health, and medical care).

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  • EXERCISE Choose the best verb or noun from the chart to complete each sentence. Remember to use the correct verb tenses and singular or plural noun forms. 1) In the 19th century, parents realized that they had to take care of their children’s health and try to give them a good ………………………. Before that, most people did not go to school. 2) The ………………………. of the world is increasing every year. In the year 2005 there will be at least 7.2 billion people on the earth. 3) When people in North America ………………………. themselves to you for the first...

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