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Sketch of a solution

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  • The purpose of this thesis is to delineate important issues that sociable designers should consider when they develop structures intended to encourage social interaction. In doing so, i address both theoretical and computational contributions to this area of research. While i sketch a conceptual model for addressing these issues, the prototypes that are discussed reveal the challenges that we, as researchers and designers, must face. Rather than providing solutions, they expose the weaknesses in this area of research and suggest paths for future research.

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  • Science arises from the very human desire to understand and control the world. Over the course of history, we humans have gradually built up a grand edifice of knowledge that enables us to predict, to varying extents, the weather, the motions of the planets, solar and lunar eclipses, the courses of diseases, the rise and fall of economic growth, the stages of language development in children, and a vast panorama of other natural, social, and cultural phenomena. More recently we have even come to understand some fundamental limits to our abilities to predict.

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  • Chapter 14, Solution 1. Vo R jωRC = = Vi R + 1 jωC 1 + jωRC jω ω 0 , 1 + jω ω 0 H (ω) = H (ω) = where ω 0 = 1 RC H = H (ω) = ω ω0 1 + (ω ω0 ) 2 φ = ∠H (ω) = ω π − tan -1   2  ω0  This is a highpass filter. The frequency response is the same as that for P.P.14.1 except that ω0 = 1 RC . Thus, the sketches of H and φ are shown below. H 1 0.7071 0 ω0 = 1/RC ω φ 90° 45° 0 ω0 = 1/RC ω .Chapter 14, Solution...

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