Skill and creativity

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  • The art in STEAM education provides an opportunity to make the educational environment function more like the real-world by developing authentic connections between academic content and practice. With the art in the Steam, students can learn to solve real-world problems using cross-content skills and knowledge, enabling and strengthening their creative and innovative thinking.

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  • This familiarity partialy contributes in improving students’ health in terms of emotion. To help students process an enormous amount of knowledge and new skills in a limited amount of time, teachers need to promote creativity in their teaching methods, in accordance with lesson content, the conditions of teaching and studying, the ability of teachers, and the ability of students to acquire knowledge.

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  • English listening is very helpful to all students to deepen or to improve their language skill although it is usually considered a passive skill. In high school, listening plays a minor role, which leads to big troubles in listening comprehension when students enter universities. To cultivate the students listening skill, the teacher is supposed to be imaginative and creative in developing their teaching methods to create good atmosphere and make English lessons more exiting.

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  • Literature is the art of writing, it requires the creative readers with effective strategies for reading and interpreting and analyzing. Students leaning literature are expected to express their comprehension though literary analysis and interpretation. This material aims to second- year students with a general knowledge about basic techniques for literary comprehension related to four skill interactions.

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  • Before the trend of industrial revolution 4.0, education 4.0 today, in the process of teaching, technical means of teaching will be both a content and a means of information transmission and at the same time it will also create an learning environment. The interactive pedagogical school helps teachers organize and control students' cognitive activities, in addition, it also helps students have an interest in learning, practice practical skills, thereby forming learning methods. proactive and creative.

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  • Chapter 8 - Team leadership. The following will be discussed in this chapter: Group vs team, teams pros and cons, 6 characteristics of effective teams, 3 types of teams, team leaders role in supporting creativity, 5 determinants of effective team decisions, leader’s role in group decisions, 3 parts of effective meetings.

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  • Intellectual capital (Intellectual capital -IC or intangible asset) has long been known as a key factor to the success of enterprises especially human capital. Human capital is defined as the knowledge, experience, capabilities as well as skills, creativity and human initiatives which are considered as very important resources in most of enterprises.

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  • This study examined the effects of teacher talk on creating conditions for foreign language and thinking skills development. Through the lens of socio-cultural theory, we looked at the learning affordance/constraints that teachers in eight English speaking classes at a university in Vietnam created for learners via their actions and interactions with students. Two main, but contrastive interaction patterns emerged from this analysis.

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  • "Ebook The skillful teacher" on technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom; experiencing teaching; the core assumptions of skillful teaching; understanding our classrooms; what students value in teachers; understanding and responding to the emotions of learning; lecturing creatively; preparing students for discussion; getting students to participate in discussion; teaching in diverse classrooms; giving helpful evaluations...

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  • Critical thinking is one of the 21st century skills. It is often included in the ‘Four Cs’ – the others being creativity, collaboration, and communication. Developing critical thinking skills means helping children move beyond simple comprehension of information. They learn to use logic and evidence to make deductions, analyse and classify information, and solve problems. It means they can ask questions to others and to themselves to form a deeper understanding of the world around us.

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  • This paper describes the development of measures of Technology aspect, Innovative teaching, Creative learning and creative potential (TIC-c). Most items describe actual behaviors that clearly reflect an individual’s use of, appreciation of, and skill with creativity and innovation.

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  • With the aim of improving the quality of education and the progress of students, this study clarified the capacity of teachers of mathematics teachers in teaching problem-solving skill through creative experiential activities, real-world linkage, and mathematical modeling. From the results of theoretical and practical studies, we would like to offer suggestions for improving the quality of mathematics instruction in high schools.

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  • The aim of this paper is to demonstrate design principles for a teaching and learning environment that will strengthen the ability of students to become competent digital innovators. The impact of digital transformation on business and society is palpable, forcing organisations to become more responsive, agile, creative and innovative. Moreover, competitiveness is determined by the ability to apply new knowledge to facilitate innovation through the use of digital technologies.

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  • Training is a vital factor for developing human capital and its positive impacts on its organization. An organization's approaches to human development and training should be aligned to support its mission, reason, goals and strategies.

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  • Using collaborative teaching method in groups in Geography subjects at Ethnic Minorities University Preparatory Schools not only promotes the positive, self-conscious, creative initiative of students, facilitates students’ participation, sharing experiences and learning ask each other to prepare employees for the assignment of cooperation in the community, through which, many social skills are formed and developed such as social communication skills, problem solving skills, reporting skills, collaborative skills...

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  • Farmers Association of Hai Duong Province is a socio-political organization, protecting legitimate rights and interests of over 300,000 farmers in the province. Activities of the associations have brought farmers access to new technology, linking farmers' activities with programs and projects on socio-economic development, loans and creating jobs. In order to help many farmers transform their agricultural economy, farmers actively participate in the movement of building new rural areas, enhancing cultural and artistic activities, sports and physical training.

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  • Innovation in teaching ensures that education remains fit for purpose in a changing world. The model of pedagogic frailty proposes that educators may perceive innovation as risky, which may inhibit innovation, and thus reduce opportunities to update learning experiences. Within psychology, psychological literacy (the skills, knowledge and attributes acquired as outcomes of studying psychology) is becoming increasingly central to the curriculum.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of document Applications and skill building of human relations in organizations (Tenth edition) has contents: Leading and trust, motivating performance; team dynamics, creativity and problem solving, and decision making; organizational change and culture; valuing diversity globally,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • This theory is not new to vocational training in Vietnam, but the nature of Dynamic Teaching is not well understood and applied by all the teachers in teaching process. More specifically, for vocational training institutions with ethnic minority students studying, Vietnamese language is also considered as a foreign language for them to integrate their study with the majority of students of Kinh ethnic group.

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  • This article discusses influencing factors in students’communication skills and creative ability. Confucian ideology and culture of respecting teachers in public are considered to be the principal causes of limiting students’creativity and communication. To solve these limitations, it is recommended we reform education system and methods of teaching and studying in order to adopt learnered-centered approach.

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