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  • Graduate students enrolled in the three-year, full-time Doctor of Physical Therapy program have unique opportunities to practice specific learning objectives in a variety of clinical settings. The partnership between Alamance Regional Medical Center and Elon’s Department of Physical Therapy offers students a wealth of clinical and research opportunities. The philosophy of the DPT program emphasizes critical thinking, active learning, strong clinical experiences, and inquiry-based approaches to treatment and research.

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  • The delivery of mental health services to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families involves a complex interweaving of skills that straddle disciplines and test boundaries. Provision of such services is a testament to the strength of practitioners who struggle to balance the necessary knowledge base, application strategies, and self-awareness required by the work.

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  • Clinical Skills was the inspiration of Profesor Robert Turner. Roger Blackwood was his senior registrar in Oxford when, together, they planned and wrote the first edition. Roger Blackwood took his clinical skills into cardiology and has remained an inspirational teacher to many medical students and MRCP candidates. Sadly, Robert Turner died suddenly in 1999 leaving the book bereft of its senior author. Robert Turner was an outstanding clinical scientist and clinician and most of the content and flavour of the book remain his....

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  • Thirty years ago when I was a novice home care nurse, I was assigned to Margaret, a 70-year-old woman with terminal liver cancer. She lived with her husband and a disabled son. For five months, I struggled in vain to make her comfortable, to control her pain, to relieve her physical symptoms. I watched her diminish in front of me, her skin breaking down, her eyes glazed with pain, and I felt a growing helplessness. Looking back, I know she sensed my helplessness. I remember walking into her bedroom one day with dread. She was comfortable only in the fetal position on her left side. It was...

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  • Drug and alcohol abuse by people with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) is one of the most signifi cant problems facing the public mental health system. Referred to variously as people with dual disorders or dual diagnosis, mentally ill chemical abusers, and individuals with co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorders, these patients pose major problems for themselves, their families, clinicians, and the mental health system.

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  • Adaptive behavior assessment system–II technical report provides a comprehensive norm-referenced assessment of the adaptive skills of individuals ages birth to 89 years. The clinician can use the ABAS–II to diagnose and classify disabilities and disorders; identify an individual’s strengths and limitations; and to document and monitor the individual’s performance over time. The ABAS–II provides for the assessment of an individual by multiple respondents (e.g.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 3. Decision-Making in Clinical Medicine Decision-Making in Clinical Medicine: Introduction To the medical student who requires 2 h to collect a patient's history and perform a physical examination, and several additional hours to organize them into a coherent presentation, the experienced clinician's ability to reach a diagnosis and decide on a management plan in a fraction of the time seems extraordinary.

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  • Now in its fifth edition, this best-selling, multidisciplinary textbook continues to draw on the skills of pharmacists and clinicians to present optimal drug regimens. The authors integrate an understanding of the disease processes with an appreciation of pathophysiological processes, clinical pharmacy and the evidence base.

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  • Infection is a major category of human disease and skilled management of antimicrobial drugs is of the first importance.The term chemotherapy is used for the drug treatment of parasitic infections in which the parasites (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, worms) are destroyed or removed without injuring the hostThe use of the term to cover all drug or synthetic drug therapy needlessly removes a distinction which is convenient to the clinician and has the sanction of long usage.

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  • It is worth emphasising however that we now appear to have a range of compounds that in some patients at least, and for some time, help to control positive psychotic symptoms. While this is very important, this benefit may come with associated adverse consequences in other ways for some patients, such as cardio-metabolic side effects that can have a major impact on physical health. Clinicians therefore will need to exercise careful and skilled judgement about which antipsychotic to use in order to benefit individual patient’s symptoms, and minimise adverse health effects.

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  • This concise volume, edited by two of today’s leading pain clinician-scientists, represents the culmination of several forces. First and foremost is the recognition that the knowledge and skills supporting current medical management of pain have grown sufficiently large that this field has become a discipline in its own right. Accordingly, candidates who meet the requirements of the American Board of Anesthesiology may now become board-certified in Pain Management and achieve diplomate status just as their colleagues in other areas have done for years.

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  • Every clinician knows that the human relationship with the person diagnosed with a psychotic disorder and particularly schizophrenia is the cornerstone of effective therapy and the foundation for recovery. This was one of the major tenets of an earlier generation of psychotherapeutic effort in schizophrenia and related psychoses but had drifted out of focus during the 1980s with the rise of an excessively narrowbiological psychiatry and the decline of the traditional psychoanalytic approach.

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  • Moreover it is important to be able to restrict this invasive investigation to men who are likely to benefit from treatment of this malignancy. There are currently concerns that Western clinicians and healthcare providers are over-diagnosing large numbers of men who would otherwise never have been troubled by their clinically undetectable prostate cancer.

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  • Each of us has some beliefs and assumptions about health and illness that are ours alone, and others that we share with members of our cultural group. When one person experiences stomach pains, he may take an antacid. Another might consult an urgent care nurse. Others may fix an herbal tea, visit a shaman, or take acupuncture treatment. Some will do nothing, even when the pain becomes intense, perhaps because their culture views the expression of pain as a sign of weakness.

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  • The Schoolwide MPH degree program provides integrated training in the core competencies of the field of public health. MPH training gives public health professionals the knowledge and skills they need from a variety of disciplines to be able to define, critically assess and resolve public health problems. The MPH program is designed for professionals with prior field or academic experience who are interested in making a difference in the health of populations. Medical students are also eligible for the MPH program after they have completed their second year of medical school.

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