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  • Skull drawings are a part of classic tattoo designs. They appear in almost all tattoo art and styles, including Hindu and Buddhist. Skulls are also a pretty significant part of religious art as well. There are many ways to interpret the skull. Shape The same tips for how to draw a face can be applied to creating skull drawings. The proportions are obviously the same, as the skull is what gives the face its underlying shape. The only difference is that there is no cartilage to be drawn on the skull. ...

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  • Introduction The muscles of the head consist of the chewing muscles (temporalis, masseter, and digastric) and the facial muscles (zygomaticus, orbicularis oris, etc.). The chewing muscles are thick and volumetric, and they originate and insert on bone. They open and close the lower jaw, with the action taking place at the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint). The facial muscles are thin. They originate either from the skull or from the surface of other muscles, and they generally insert into other facial muscles or into the skin.

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  • Giraffe characteristics: Very tall with long neck (elongated neck vertebrae) and long limbs. Bony prominences of neck vertebrae can be seen on the surface; brachiocephalicus and omotransversarius muscles, which usually cover the neck, begin low on the side of the neck, rather than up at the skull and first neck vertebra. Back line slopes downward toward rear. Usually three, permanent, bony "horns" in both male and female, covered with skin and fur.

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  • Short Neck Muscles The following three muscles are located on the back of the neck, just behind the skull: the obliquus capitis caudalis, the obliquus capitis cranialis, and the rectus capitis dorsalis major. They are covered by narrow and wide tendons and thin muscles, yet they help create the fullness on the back of the neck, determined in large part by the width of the atlas (the first neck vertebra) and the vertical projection of the axis (the second neck vertebra).

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  • Skulls photographed by Eliot Goldfinger in the collection of the Department of Mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History, New York: American bison, African buffalo, White-tailed deer, Caribou, Ox (neg. no. 603275); Bighorn sheep (neg. no. 603276); Mountain goat, Elk, Moose (neg. no. 603277). COURTESY AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY LIBRARY

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  • Dog (canid) characteristics: Anatomy is the same in various domestic breeds and wild species—major difference is size and proportion (Dachshund to Great Dane). Typically with elongated skull—snout long and narrow (some domestic breeds have short muzzles). Large canines. Cheekteeth with sharp edges for shearing. Large, pointed ears—upright in all wild species and in many domestic breeds; hanging in some breeds. Deep chest (top to bottom); long, thin limbs. Five digits on front limb (thumb reduced), four on hind limb (big toe absent). Blunt, nonretractile claws. Walks on toes.

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  • Lion (feline) characteristics: Elongated skull. Proportion of skull varies—large in lion, jaguar, and tiger, small in cheetah and mountain lion. Large canines, small incisors. Cheek teeth with sharp edges for shearing. Large temporalis and masseter muscles of skull to powerfully close jaw. Eyes shifted slightly forward for binocular vision. Constricted pupil is round in large cats, vertical in domestic cats (pupil is horizontal in sheep and goats). Top edge of scapula usually higher than tips of thoracic vertebrae.

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  • Rabbit characteristics: Two pairs of upper incisors; second pair small and peg-like, located just behind the front pair. Perforated lace-like texture of bone on side of skull in front of eye socket. (Both features not found in rodents). Long and pointed large ears. Arched upper profile of skull. Strong extension of spine where neck vertebrae meet thoracic vertebrae. Strong extension of middle tail vertebrae, raising tufted tail. Relatively thin, delicate bones. Rear-projecting "metacromion" from lower end of shoulder blade (for insertion of trapezius and omotransversarius muscles).

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  • Domestic pig characteristics: Domestic pig derived from European wild boar. Snout movable—specialized for digging roots and tubers from soil. Nostrils located at end of flattened nose. Tusk-like upper canines (larger in males) grow upward and outward. Lower canines grow upward and backward to fit against larger upper canines. Upper and lower canines rub against each other, usually producing sharp edges. Elongated skull has sloping profile. Long, pointed head, small eyes, long ears; short neck. Four digits per limb, only two middle digits functional; walks on toes.

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  • Horse (equid) characteristics: One digit per foot ending in symmetrical, horny hoof. Walks on very tip of toe. Elongated skull; large lower jaw. Large upper and lower incisors. In side view, neck widens as it approaches shoulder (elongated triangular shape). Mane present, upright on wild species. Tuft of hair often present on forehead ("forelock"). Rear profile of neck straight or arched. Pointed, upright ears. Long, slender limbs.

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  • Cartoon skulls are one of the most popular things to draw and I have received many different e-mails asking how to draw these characters. I thought for a second what the best way to teach you how to draw these would be and finally I decided that instead of going through things step by step like usual I would do a bunch of different drawings and then give you the notes for each sketch to show you the process and thinking behind them. I hope you learn something important here, not just how to copy, but how to see and think. ...

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