Skull mechanics

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  • The field of biomechanics has been evolving from the times of ancient Greeks. Recent publications and research in biomechanics sky rocketed as the field of traditional biomechanics is creating new opportunities in diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation, motion preservation, kinesiology, total joint replacement, biomechanics of living systems at small scale, and other areas.

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  • When did humans appear? What is it that makes us different from the rest of the animals? In what way did language develop? Why is it so important to have deciphered the sequence of the human genome? This book offers answers to these and many other questions about the mysteries and marvels of human evolution. Scientists maintain that modern humans originated in Africa because that is where they have found the oldest bones.

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  • The function of the pelvic floor is fundamentally influenced by the behaviour of several organs and the organ-linked processes. The aim of this work is to study the properties and changes of the women’s pelvic floor. The motive arises from the fact that pelvic floor dysfunctions badly influence the quality of life. The loss of the proper function in the pelvic floor results in a wide range of problems from asymptomatic and anatomic defects to vaginal eversion.

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  • So I had a headache. The grandfather of all headaches. You try working on the roof line sometime, with the presses grinding and the overhead cranes wailing and the mechanical arms clacking and grabbing at your inner skull while you snap a shiny sheet of steel like an armored pillowcase and shove it into the maw of a hungry greasy ogre. Noise. Hammering, pounding, shrieking, gobbling, yammering, incessant noise. And I had a headache.

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