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  • Sắc lệnh số 231/SLM về việc cử cụ Tôn Đức Thắng giữ chức Thanh tra đặc biệt toàn quốc do Chủ tịch Chính phủ Việt Nam Dân chủ cộng hoà ban hành

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  • Sắc lệnh số 237/SLM về việc cử ông Đặng Châu Tuệ giữ chức Chủ tịch Ủy ban kháng chiến hành chính tỉnh Ninh bình do Chủ tịch Chính phủ ban hành

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  • Sắc lệnh số 236/SLM về việc coi ông Tổng chỉ huy QĐQGVN như một vị Bộ trưởng do Chủ tịch Chính phủ Việt Nam Dân chủ cộng hoà ban hành

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  • Sắc lệnh số 263/SLM về việc cử ông Phạm Văn Đồng làm đặc phái viên của Chính phủ tại miền Nam Việt nam do Chủ tịch Chính phủ Việt nam dân chủ cộng hoà ban hành

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  • Sắc lệnh số 264/SLM về việc cử ông Hoàng Văn Hoan làm đặc phái viên của Chính phủ tại CK4 do Chủ tịch Chính phủ Việt nam dân chủ cộng hoà ban hành

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  • Sắc lệnh số 165/SLM về việc sát nhập tỉnh Quảng yên vào CK12 do Chủ tịch Chính phủ ban hành

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  • Sắc lệnh số 299 SLM về việc điều thiếu tướng Lê Thiết Hùng về Bộ tổng chỉ huy do Chủ tịch Chính phủ ban hành

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  • Tự làm ấy 1 con VR rất đơn giản ,hôm nay slm sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn. Đầu tiên các bạn mở notepad và chọn một trong những đoạn mã sau, các bạn copy đoạn mã vào notepad và lưu dưới đuôi VBS. ví dụ: slm.vbs chảng hạn..

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  • Hơn 1 tỷ người trong đó 2/3 là phụ nữ sống trong tình trạng cực nghèo với chưa đầy 1 USD một ngày (OECD 2001). Việc chuyển đổi nông nghiệp là yếu tố chủ yếu nhằm giảm nghèo ở nhiều nước nghèo nhất vì hầu hết những người nghèo sống ở nông thôn và cuộc sống của họ phụ thuộc rất nhiều vào nông nghiệp.

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  • Relatively recently, after the availability of scanned data from supermarkets some authors started studying the choices of individual consumers in response to price discounts rather then focusing on the overall store sales. Such approach allows to separate the e ect price reduction has on the number of items individual consumer buys from the number of consumers price reduction attracts to the shop. Moreover, it became possible to see which goods consumers purchase together and how this behavior changes in response to price reductions. Van den Poel et al.

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  • In Chapter 3, eigenvalue equations were derived by matching boundary conditions inside DFB laser cavities. From the eigenvalue problem, the lasing threshold characteristic of DFB lasers is determined. The single %/2-phase-shifted (PS) DFB laser is fabricated with a phase discontinuity of %/2 at or near the centre of the laser cavity. It is characterised by Bragg oscillation and a high gain margin value. On the other hand, the SLM deteriorates quickly when the optical power of the laser diode increases.

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  • Sắc lệnh số 231/SL về việc cho phép phát hành tại Nam phần Trung bộ những tín phiếu do Chủ tịch Chính phủ việt nam Dân chủ cộng hoà ban hành

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  • Service Level Management Techniques Service Level Management (SLM) techniques are applicable to a network transport operator – in the parlance of the previous chapter – providing service assurances either to another network transport operator, for a service provider, or an end user. Service level techniques pertain to aggregates of services, and are contractual in nature. The processes and terminology related to this subject are dealt with in this chapter.

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  • Statistical language modeling (SLM) has been used in many different domains for decades and has also been applied to information retrieval (IR) recently. Documents retrieved using this approach are ranked according their probability of generating the given query. In this paper, we present a novel approach that employs the generalized Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm to improve language models by representing their parameters as observation probabilities of Hidden Markov Models (HMM).

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  • Almost all technologies described so far are suitable for prototyping or for small series production only. It simply takes a lot of time and is therefore costly to manufacture a large number of microstructures by laser ablation or wire erosion and by milling or SLM. This is not so in the case of the etching techniques. Here, a large number of microstructure devices can be very easily generated. Another possibility to obtain a large number of microstructures is by embossing.

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  • We study the impact of richer syntactic dependencies on the performance of the structured language model (SLM) along three dimensions: parsing accuracy (LP/LR), perplexity (PPL) and worderror-rate (WER, N-best re-scoring). We show that our models achieve an improvement in LP/LR, PPL and/or WER over the reported baseline results using the SLM on the UPenn Treebank and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) corpora, respectively. Analysis of parsing performance shows correlation between the quality of the parser (as measured by precision/recall) and the language model performance (PPL and WER). ...

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  • We present experimental evidence that providing naive users of a spoken dialogue system with immediate help messages related to their out-of-coverage utterances improves their success in using the system. A grammar-based recognizer and a Statistical Language Model (SLM) recognizer are run simultaneously. If the grammar-based recognizer suceeds, the less accurate SLM recognizer hypothesis is not used.

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  • In this paper, we explore statistical language modelling for a speech-enabled MP3 player application by generating a corpus from the interpretation grammar written for the application with the Grammatical Framework (GF) (Ranta, 2004). We create a statistical language model (SLM) directly from our interpretation grammar and compare recognition performance of this model against a speech recognition grammar compiled from the same GF interpretation grammar.

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  • A special method to manufacture metallic microstructures is SLM. It is one of the rare generative methods for metals and is normally taken into the list of rapid prototyping technologies. The technique is completely different than the abrasive techniques described so far.On a base platformmade of the desiredmetalmaterial, a thin layer of a metal powder is distributed. A focused laser beam is ducted along the structure lines given by a 3DCADmodel,which is controlled by a computer.With the laser exposure, themetal powder ismelted, forming a welding bead.

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