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  • Welcome to the revolutionary weight-loss program designed to jumpstart your metabolism and give you breakthrough weight-loss results. Welcome to a healthy new weight-loss program that emphasizes lowglycemic carbs, an optimal amount of protein and healthy fats, and a mind– body approach to weight loss that will help you lose weight as you never have been able to before. Welcome to a simple-to-follow weight-loss program that’s easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle and that will be your catalyst to living the life you’ve always dreamed about....

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  • You’ve seen her change lives on The Biggest Loser–why not yours? Are you in good shape but struggling with those last ten to twenty pounds? Do you have an event on the calendar where you’d love to make jaws drop? Or do you just want to see what it would be like to have the best body you’ve ever had? Then you need to discover what millions who’ve seen Jillian’s training methods on The Biggest Loser already know! Making the Cut empowers you to: • Identify your unique body type and metabolic makeup (are you a fast, slow, or balanced oxidizer?) and customize...

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  • Although the global economic downturn and recent outbreak of swine flu have slowed Mexico’s economic recovery from its deep fall in the mid-1990s, and in many parts of the country the government continues to grapple with eradicating violence precipitated by the presence of drug cartels, Mexico continues to be an important market for real estate development and investment. Average annual foreign direct investment to Mexico tripled from $3 billion in the 1980s to $12 billion during the 1990s.

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  • Bat guano has been composted thoroughly by the beetles and the microorganisms on the floor of the caves. However, guano from attics of buildings may not have been processed by beetles. If it still looks like mouse droppings it is not processed and should be handled with care to avoid disease exposure. Use 1-2 teaspoons per 6î pot diameter. Repeat in 4-6 weeks if necessary. In the flower and vegetable garden use 1-3 quarts per 100 square feet. However guano is a slow release fertilizer and will not burn even if using double the recommended amounts. Itís always better to...

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  • The causes and consequences of the Third World debt crisis have been analyzed by scholars for more than a decade. 3 Its origin lay partly in the international expansion of U.S. banking organizations during the 1950s and 1960s in conjunction with the rapid growth in the world economy, including the LDCs. For example, for more than a decade before oil prices quadrupled in 1973–74, the growth rate in the real domestic product of the LDCs av- eraged about 6 percent annually. For the remainder of the 1970s, the growth rate slowed but averaged a respectable 4 to 5 percent.

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  • This story begins in 1974. I tell it to you so that you will know how I came to the knowledge I am about to share with you. It also demonstrates how any person can transform his or her life from ill health and craziness to well-being and sanity. Two years out of college, I was an itinerant photographer working for whichever publication would pay me to take pictures. I ate what I wanted, smoked cigarettes, partied. And I got headaches: searing, debilitating migraine headaches.

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  • When I started practicing medicine twenty-five years ago, I followed the party line. I recommended calorie counting and low-fat diets for weight loss and was usually disappointed by the results. People just kept gaining weight. Then, in the 1990s, some of my patients started ignoring warnings about fat and cholesterol and going on low-carb diets. The results were astonishing. Folks who had been unsuccessful at losing weight for years started shedding pounds more easily than they thought possible even as they ate generous amounts of rich food.

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  • Your thyroid is your master gland of metabolism. So when it’s slows down -- as is the case for as many as 50 million Americans -- you may find that losing weight becomes a losing proposition. A thyroid problem can sabotage even your best effort at weight loss! Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans with a thyroid

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