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  • Ebook Smart grammar and vocabulary 4a provides about present simple & prepositions of time, present simple & adverbs of frequency, present progresstive, possessive case - possessive adjective/pronuon, object pronouns - verb+ing, some/any - countable/uncountable nouns, indefinite pronouns - some, any, no, every.

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  • Ebook Smart grammar and vocabulary 2b includes about: prepossitions of place; there is/are; whose? How many...? The verb "like", present progressive (affirmative, negative, question and short answer), present simple (affirmative, negative, question and short answer).

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  • Ebook Smart grammar and vocabulary 4b provides about past simple be, present simple & past simple, comparative form, smart time 1, revision 1, smart skills 1 (reading & writing), must and must'nt, future goingto, future will, should, question words, past progessive.

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  • Scientific writing is dynamic. For proof, you only have to compare a modern-day article with one written, say, in the 1960s. Of course, some things such as the need for precision, clarity and brevity seem to be immutable, but many others, like the use of the passive voice or the first person—I or we—have changed remarkably in a relatively short time.

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  • Prepare your students for the business world with the Book Smart business courses. Using authentic material from the Economist Intelligent Business magazine covers business concepts in a comprehensive curriculum of business English.

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  • aggressive: hung hăng; xông xáo ambitious: có nhiều tham vọng cautious: thận trọng, cẩn thận careful: cẩn thận cheerful/amusing: vui vẻ clever: khéo léo tacful: khéo xử, lịch thiệp competitive: cạnh tranh, đua tranh confident: tự tin creative: sáng tạo dependable: đáng tin cậy dumb: không có tiếng nói enthusiastic: hăng hái, nhiệt tình easy-going: dễ tính extroverted: hướng ngoại WWW.HOCTUVUNGSIEUTOC.COM .

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