Smart routing

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  • Wireless Sensor Networks hold the promise of delivering a smart communication paradigm which enables setting up an intelligent network capable of handling applications that evolve from user requirements. With the recent technological advances of wireless sensor network, it is becoming an integral part of our lives. However, due to the nature of wireless sensor networks, researchers face new challenges related to the design of algorithms and protocols.

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  • AD HOC NETWORKS: Technologies and Protocols is a concise in-depth treatment of various constituent components of ad hoc network protocols. It reviews issues related to medium access control, scalable routing, group communications, use of directional/smart antennas, network security, and power management among other topics. The authors examine various technologies that may aid ad hoc networking including the presence of an ability to tune transmission power levels or the deployment of sophisticated smart antennae. ...

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  • There is a clear and urgent need for a national research network. This nation stands to gain considerably from the many direct and indirect benefits that would accrue from an NRN. The OSTP report begins to address the basic issues for an NRN, but it is silent on many important issues, especially those pertaining to the relationship between the NRN and commercial network services. (Nevertheless, the fundamental recommendation for an NRN is sound, as far as it goes.)

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  • Tùy chọn “Use DNS to route to each address space on this connector”: cho phép ta sử dụng DNS để định tuyến các Mail gởi ra ngoài thông qua SMTP connector. Tùy chọn “Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart host” cho phép chỉ định máy chủ mail gateway để phân phối thư ra ngoài cho Mail nội bộ, nếu ta chỉ định địa chỉ IP thì phải chỉ định theo cú pháp [192.168.114.

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