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  • Complacency, or the belief that "good-enough security" is all that is required, seems to be the mind-set of many. Consequently, IT professionals may have settled for security that isn't always effective. In the 2008 CSI Computer Crime & Security Survey, 50% of the survey respondents reported that they suffered virus-based security incidents. The survey results also show that one in five suffered a bot attack in 2008. Virus security incidents have been the number 1 attack item for four of the past five years, placing second in the other year.

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  • Using certificates also opens up for the possibility of removing the key transfer between Alice and Bob completely! This is an important feature when secure communication is being implemented between a large number of participants. This is because none of Bob’s ability to trust the public key he receives now depends on whether he is actually communicating with Alice or not. His ability to trust the key depends solely upon his trust relationship with the trusted third party.

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  • Our analysis shows that it is cheaper for banks to raise capital during an economic expansion than in a recession. The low hurdle rate for investment in a boom can have a procyclical effect. It encourages credit growth that can further boost economic activity. From a prudential viewpoint, this evidence supports the rationale behind the introduction of countercyclical capital buffer requirements, which increase in booms and decline in busts.

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  • There is also a good dataset for open-end real estate funds. Over the last 10 years, investors in this asset class have been able to achieve a higher average annual return than on investments in equity funds (see Fig. 16). However, compared with most bond funds, open-end real estate funds come off worse. This relationship has also generally been maintained over longer periods of up to 20 years: however it is probably also be affected by the poor performance of the stock market in the last few years. On a 30-year average, equity funds with an investment focus in Germany...

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  • The costs of general checkups and other preventive services were not covered for 3 percent of people with employer-sponsored or private health insurance (Figure 7). This can be considered a measure of underinsurance in the population. These data were obtained by asking certain respondents: “Does this health insurance plan pay for all, most, some, or none of the costs of general checkups and other preventive services?” (The question about coverage of preventive care was asked only for persons with employer-sponsored and other private insurance.

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  • Check Point SmartProvisioning enables you to manage many gateways from a single Security Management Server or Multi-Domain Security Management Domain Management Server, with features to define, manage, and provision (remotely configure) large-scale deployments of Check Point gateways. The SmartProvisioning management concept is based on profiles — a definitive set of gateway properties and when relevant, a Check Point Security Policy.

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  • SmartLSM Security Gateways: Remote gateways provide firewall security to local networks, while the security policies are managed from a central Security Management Server or Domain Management Server. By defining remote gateways through SmartLSM Security Profiles, a single system administrator or smaller team can manage the security of all your networks.

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