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  • More recently, a QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relantionship) investigation was carried out on a series of nostoclide analogues presenting the general structure (43) to correlate molecular descriptions with their in vitro biological activity (the ability to interfere with ligh-driven reduction of ferrycianide by isolated spinach chloroplasts thylakoid membranes). The results of this investigation suggested that the degree of inhibition efficiency of this class of compounds is intimately associated with their polarity (Teixeira et al, 2009).

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  • The adult in each household who knows the most about the health of all household members is selected to answer all survey questions during the telephone interview. This respondent answers survey questions for him/herself as well as for all other household members. Since each household member does not speak directly to the interviewer, survey answers are “reported” by the respondent. The reader will see the phrase . . .” was reported to be . . .” in this report. In places where this phrase is not used, the reader should keep in mind that...

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  • The prototype of the barbute may be seen in a basinet from Chalcis, dating from 4I 0 to I440, portrayed in the drawings. It retains vervelles along the edges for attaching a camail. Minus the camail, and with a rounded bowl to conform with the contour of the head, this helmet would qualify as a barbute. In fact, the transition from basinet to barbute is largely a change in propor- tion. Some basinets were so tall that they rested on ...

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  • Here we investigate the extent to which common Internet application protocols remain dis- tinguishable even when packet payloads and TCP headers have been stripped away, leaving only extremely lean data which includes nothing more than the packets’ timing, size, and direction. We begin our analysis in §3 by exploring protocol recognition techniques for traffic aggregates where all flows carry the same application protocol. We then develop tools to enhance the initial analysis pro- vided by these first tools by addressing more specific scenarios.

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  • The report is outlined as follows. In chapter 2, we give an overview of, and a background to, Cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), DNS and Secure Messaging, which is used throughout this report. In chapter 3 we demonstrate our implementation of a secure mail application and of a certificate publishing application. In chapter 4 we compare LDAP and DNS for certificate locating and retrieval purposes. In chapter 5 we discuss privacy threats due to Secure DNS and present a possible remedy.

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  • Thank you for using SecurePlatform. This document describes how to prepare a hardware platform for SecurePlatform, and how to configure and administer SecurePlatform. SecurePlatform allows easy configuration of your computer and networking aspects, as well as the Check Point products installed. An easy-to-use shell provides a set of commands, required for easy configuration and routine administration of a security system, including: network settings, backup and restore utilities, upgrade utility, system log viewing, control, and much more.

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  • The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive introduction and overview of ZABBIX, its architecture, the features it offers and their functions. This document contains all information necessary for the successful administration of ZABBIX. Anyone involved in installation and administration of ZABBIX, and anyone else wishing to get an insight into how it works.

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  • StarGazer® is the ADC element management system for PG-FlexPlus products. StarGazer is a comprehensive, carrier-class management solution, supporting essential features from all the TMN FCAPS management functions. StarGazer’s comprehensive and highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) is fully compatible with the PG-FlexPlus SNMP management interface. StarGazer also provides full access to the native PG-FlexPlus craft port screens and includes an integrated SNMP MIB browser.

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  • Features: • Modular design enables line card diversity within the same chassis • Extend central office interconnect between network elements when distances are greater than 100 meters • Ethernet delivery solution from central office to customer premises • Reduce capital expenses associated with expensive optical line cards in network elements • Auto-negotiation features eliminate the need for optical line card upgrade in network elements • Redundant -48Vdc power supplies • Supports SNMP and Telnet communication protocols • Daisy-chain communication interfaces • Supports 10...

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  • The Soneplex SCU is the ideal management solution for HiCap services. It allows operators the ability to gracefully migrate from today’s legacy management processes to centralized operation support systems (OSS) using X.25 or IP networks. The SCU provides local and remote equipment and facilities management, and supports VT 100 craft interface, TL1 over X.25, TL1 over TCP/IP, and optional SNMP management.

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