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  • This is the book I wish I had had when I started to build my first website. It covers web development from A to Z and will answer many of your questions while improving the quality of the sites you produce. Shae Murphy CTO, Social Brokerage As a web developer, I thought I knew HTML and CSS. T

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  • Finding a solution to structural poverty requires a review of the devel- opment model as well as the macroeconomic policies adopted by gov- ernments. Social development and economic growth must be under- stood as integral parts of the same process. Eliminating the causes of structural poverty requires overcoming the false dichotomy between the social and economic aspects of development. In other words, poverty reduction should be the main objective of macroeconomic policies in the social sectors....

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  • Africa is still undergoing a process of economic stabilization, and many countries are facing specific issues of post-conflict reconstruction that call for emergency social funds interven- tions. The region already has the largest concentration of social funds, with the AGETIP agen- cies of West Africa regrouped within AFRICATIP. The social funds of Eastern and Southern Africa will develop their own network to be called Social Funds NET.

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  • One of the more fascinating sections of the WSJ is on the inside of the back page under the standing headline “Abreast of the Market.” There you can read each day what the market did yesterday, whether it went up, down or sideways as measured by indexes like the Dow Jones Industrial Average ... . In that column, you can also read selected post-mortems from brokerage houses, stock analysts and other professional track watchers explaining why themarket yesterday did whatever it did, sometimes with predictive nuggets about what it will do today or tomorrow.

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