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  • 101 Colors and Shapes Activities is divided into eight chapters, each one reflecting an early childhood curriculum area. You will find activities to foster the children’s social and emotional development, language and literacy skills, and understanding of math concepts. You will also find science activities that strengthen the children’s observation and reasoning skills, music and movement activities that get everyone involved, and group art activities that inspire creativity and cooperation.

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  • The very idea of an encyclopedia seems eminently anthropological—in at least two different ways. In its earliest use in classical Rome the term ‘encyclopedia’ referred to the ‘circle of learning’, that broad knowledge of the world which was a necessary part of any proper education. In its employment in post-Renaissance Europe it has come to refer more narrowly to attempts to map out systematically all that is known about the world.

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  • This book is intended as an elementary text in sociology as applied to modern social problems, for use in institutions where but a short time can be given to the subject, in courses in sociology where it is desired to combine it with a study of current social problems on the one hand, and to correlate it with a course in economics on the other. The book is also especially suited for use in University Extension Courses and in Teachers' Reading Circles. This book aims to teach the simpler principles of sociology concretely and inductively. In Chapters I to...

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  • Adolescents who become pregnant prior to completion of their education typically face expulsion from school, and those who give birth often are not readmitted. In many African societies for example, once a young woman has given birth she is regarded as an adult, a role that is generally perceived as incompatible with continued formal educa- tion. In the event that a young woman is forced to abandon her education due to early pregnancy, she likely faces curtailment of her social, intellectual and economic develop- ment.

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  • Prospects are turning to sites such as Insider Pages to find sources for everything from plumbers to piano tuners in almost every community in America. Highly rated small businesses appearing on social sites are starting to get noticed! This is a great new medium. There is no cost involved and the benefits far outweigh the little bit of work you may put in to start building your online reputation. Smart small businesses are starting to encourage online reviews. (Merely point out to your happy customers that they might want to share the love.

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  • The life of a man of letters is not as a rule eventful. It may be rich in spiritual experiences, but it seldom is rich in active adventure. We ask his biographer to tell us what were his habits of composition, how he talked, how he bore himself in the discharge of his duties to his family, his neighbors, and himself; what were his beliefs on the great questions that concern humanity. We desire to know what he said and wrote, not what he did beyond the study and the domestic or the social circle. The chief external facts in his career are the...

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  • The societal and political transformations sweeping the Arab region have empowered large segments of the region’s population. Many stereotypes have been shattered, with Arab youth, “netizens” and women becoming the main drivers for regional change. Arab women in particular have become more engaged in political and civic actions, playing a critical leading role in the rapid and historic changes that have swept the region. Meanwhile, the debate about the role of social media in these transformations has reached policy making circles at the regional and global levels....

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  • This change of name signalled a desire for deeper changes. In fact, until then, the classical music produced in Brazil had circulated exclusively in Court circles. It was in 1841 that Francisco Manuel da Silva “put before the throne” a request for the creation of the Imperial Conservatory, a ‘civilizing environment’ that could place Brazil in the ensemble of the “most cultured nations” (Mello 1947 [1908]:219).

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  • Tham khảo sách 'clotelle: a tale of the southern states', giải trí - thư giãn, du lịch phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • More important is the scatter plot of data points, each representing a microfinance institution. Many points are above the threshold for profitability, and many are on the left of the graph, indicating low reliance on soft (subsidized) funds. This is the hope of commercial microfinance. But note too that an ample number of institutions are above the threshold and to the right, funded by social investors of various stripes. The solid circles represent institutions with for-profit status, while the empty circles are non-profits.

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  • In the past three decades there were big social, economic and technological changes in the world. Scientific and technological advancement, informing of wide circle of people and their inclusion in the learning process are the main characteristics of this period. In such conditions, the need came up for exchanging different kind of messages, i.e. transmission of different kind of signals, governing the extremely fast development of the telecommunications systems.

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  • I also have charge of the Economic and Social Book Department of the publishing firm of Harper and Brothers. The insistent demands of these three tasks leave me no time to fret and stew and run around in circles. Second: I am a great dismisser. When I turn from one task to another, I dismiss all thoughts of the problems I had been thinking about previously. I find it stimulating and refreshing to turn from one activity to another. It rests me. It clears my mind. Third: I have had to school myself to dismiss all these problems from...

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  • My greatest debt is to Shelley Fisher Fishkin. She has been an ideal men- tor throughout my brief career and wil l continue to inspire my explo- rations for years to come. As Professor Fishkin exemplifies, there is no warmer social and intellectual suppor t system than the circle of Mark Twain scholars around the world. Victor Doyno and Rober t Hirst en- thusiastically encouraged me to pursue Twain's interest in copyright , and each opened up many invaluable opportunities. Louis J . Budd and David E. E.

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  • TIME MANAGEMENT QUIZ Please circle the answer that most closely describes your situation. 1. How often do you take work home? (a) Every day (b) Three or more days per week (c) Twice a week (d) Once a week or less How many people constantly interrupt you in the course of a day? (a) Six or more (b) Four to five (c) Two to three (d) One or less How much time do you spend each week in other activities outside your job (e.g., hobbies, exercising, social and cultural events, etc.)? (a) Three hours or less (b) Four to five...

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  • There are a number of strategies that allow an attacker to break the circle of trust and get into people’s contact lists. A lot of social network users do not realize that their contact lists really is a circle of trust and by adding somebody they do not know—celebrities included—they are opening their data to untrusted parties. Some sites do not have privacy controls in place, or the ones they have do not protect all user data. Even if they do have comprehensive privacy controls, the user is often not obligated to select who can access his/her data and is often...

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  • What is a text? To a layman, a text may be just a text or it may be “I’ve got no idea”. To the people in the linguistics circle who are not concerned with language as social semiotic, a text may be a rather fuzzy and abstract term, or it may mean “a body of printed or written work” as defined by the Collins English Dictionary (1990). To the etymologist, a text may carry a general meaning of texture, because, as they may explain, “text” is derived from the Latin word “textus” meaning “texture”. But what is linguistic...

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