Socially sensitive economics

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  • General Theme: Nowadays the market, and neo-liberalism in general, seems to be in disarray. With support waning for an unfettered market, various critics are seeking alternatives. In this book, the idea is that a new way of thinking about the economy may be productive, particularly one that does not rely on an unregulated market to secure economic order. In this context, the notion of a ―post-market society‖ is introduced to describe this shift in orientation.

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  • The Indian Sundarbans is a coastal delta and major climate hotspot located in the state of West Bengal. The delta faces significant climatic challenges. The residents mainly depend on agriculture, livestock rearing and fishing. They face challenges of poverty, marginalization and an acute struggle against geo-climatic events. The present study was conducted to know the socio economic status of the farming community under the given resources viz. demographic, physical, economic, natural and social.

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  • This text offers the perfect introduction to social benefit-cost analysis. The book closely integrates the theory and practice of benefit-cost analysis using a spreadsheet framework. The spreadsheet model is constructed in a truly original way which contributes to transparency, provides a check on the accuracy of the analysis, and facilitates sensitivity, risk and alternative scenario assessment. A case study inco

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  • Allocation of scarce resources; land, labour, capital, foreign exchange; present and future consumption, optimum use of taxes and subsidy. Public ownership and planning, relationship between plans and projects selection and investment programme; private sector projects, method of evaluation of private projects, social cost- benefit and switching values, uses and abuses of sensitivity analysis. Accounting prices for traded and non-traded goods, marginal social costs and marginal social benefits, financing of projects, impact of project outputs on production and consumption elsewhere.

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  • As four out of every five European citizens live in urban areas, their quality of life and the quality of their environment depends upon how cities look and how they function. Cities are also the places where business is done, investments are made and jobs are created and so cities represent the place where the environmental, The EU's Sustainable Development Strategy3 aims to "encourage local initiatives to economic and social dimensions of sustainable development meet most strongly.

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  • The vulnerability of a system is a function of its exposure to change, its sensitivity to such change, and its capacity to adapt to it. Vulnerability is a complex concept having many interacting dimensions (environmental, economic, social, political and geographic). A vulnerability assessment should answer the question “what (or who) is vulnerable to what”. In theory, assessment of vulnerability to climate change should take into account both the evolution of the system and the pressures and risks with which it will be confronted.

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