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  • We present a method to discover robust and interpretable sociolinguistic associations from raw geotagged text data. Using aggregate demographic statistics about the authors’ geographic communities, we solve a multi-output regression problem between demographics and lexical frequencies.

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  • This paper discusses the potential use of sociolinguistically rich pedagogical dialogues, i.e., textbook dialogues replayed by real speakers of English. Due to the increasing recognition for English language varieties, exposing learners to naturalistic language and language variations in real life can contribute to the effective use of textbook dialogues in communication/conversation classes.

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  • Slang and Society Slang derives much of its power from the fact that it is clandestine, forbidden or generally disapproved of. So what happens once it is accepted, even in some cases embraced and promoted by ‘mainstream’ society? Not long ago the Oxford English Dictionary characterised slang as ‘low and disreputable’; in the late 1970s the pioneering sociolinguist Michael Halliday used the phrase ‘anti-language’ in his study of the speech of criminals and marginals. For him, theirs was an interestingly ‘pathological’ form of language.

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  • Luận án này tập trung vào việc so sánh – đối chiếu hai vấn đề lớn trên báo tiếng Việt và tiếng Anh là (1) về hình thức: phân tích cấu trúc sơ đồ tiểu loại Tin Quốc Tế và thể loại Phóng Sự. Để sử dụng cho mục đích vừa nêu tác giả tiến hành phân tích cấu trúc chuyện tin theo mô hình quĩ đạo của White, P.R.R. - một dạng cách tân mô hình tri nhận của Van Dijk, T.A - và về mặt Phóng Sự, tác giả vận dụng mô hình Wheel - O –...

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  • The new edition of this highly successful A–Z guide explores the main concepts and terms used in the study of language and linguistics. Containing over 300 entries, thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, this book includes entries in: Cognitive linguistics; Discourse analysis; Phonology and phonetics; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics; Syntax and semantics.

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  • Sociolinguists have long argued that social context influences language use in all manner of ways, resulting in lects 1 . This paper explores a text classification problem we will call lect modeling, an example of what has been termed computational sociolinguistics. In particular, we use machine learning techniques to identify social power relationships between members of a social network, based purely on the content of their interpersonal communication.

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  • This paper presents and evaluates several original techniques for the latent classification of biographic attributes such as gender, age and native language, in diverse genres (conversation transcripts, email) and languages (Arabic, English). First, we present a novel partner-sensitive model for extracting biographic attributes in conversations, given the differences in lexical usage and discourse style such as observed between same-gender and mixedgender conversations.

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  • In this work, we provide an empirical analysis of differences in word use between genders in telephone conversations, which complements the considerable body of work in sociolinguistics concerned with gender linguistic differences. Experiments are performed on a large speech corpus of roughly 12000 conversations. We employ machine learning techniques to automatically categorize the gender of each speaker given only the transcript of his/her speech, achieving 92% accuracy. An analysis of the most characteristic words for each gender is also presented.

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  • However, the English speaking skills of these traders were often found insufficient in terms of grammatical, discourse, and sociolinguistic competences. From the collected data, the article suggests a number of different ways to enhance the small trader’s acquisition of English speaking skills.

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Sociolinguistics, language and society, language and speakers, sapir-whorf hypothesis, language reflects society, society changes language, important terms in sociolinguistics.

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