Sociology of risk

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  • Taking risks with one’s life in sport competitions is nothing new in the human experience. Gladiatorial competitions in ancient Rome and jousts in medieval Europe are two examples of sports that fit the modern definition of extreme. Extreme sports in their modern form are a recent development and the list of pursuits and sports categorized as “extreme” is long and growing as is the number of athletes and spectators. Extreme sports now form a distinct sector within the larger sports industry, although exactly where it fits is not at all clear.

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  • Our first preface in 1993 emphasized that this book was A, not, The Sociology of Mental Health and Illness. Today, more than ever, it is quite a risk to write ‘The Sociology’ of anything. Moreover, as the wide-ranging references listed at the end of the book indicate, we continue to draw our material from sociology but also many other sources, including psychology and psychiatry. Sociological analyses of our topic are not offered only by sociologists.

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  • During the last few decades inordinate attention has been paid to the promotion of ‘healthy’ living. This has come from governmental, academic, commercial and popular sources. Few people today can be unaware of the espoused merits of such a lifestyle. Anyone who has visited a supermarket recently, turned on the television, listened to the radio or read a magazine must have noticed that awareness of health issues is growing. Health is clearly a topical issue at both political and cultural levels....

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  • Within SPH, students pursue their education with an extraordinarily interdisciplinary range of faculty, including biomedical scientists, medical care professionals, behavioral and social scientists (e.g., economics, sociology, politics), epidemiologists, biostatisticians, information scientists, lawyers, health service researchers and health educators, among others. As a result, SPH are well-positioned to be university leaders in collaborations with other schools, organizations and within the communities they serve.

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  • Observers of the ‘beautiful game’ know that football too often does not deserve the name as its participants regularly fail to follow the rules of fair play that Pierre Bourdieu poignantly outlined for the discipline of sociology. As all players and supporters of football know, the rules of fairness are often tested to their extreme, not just a few times beyond the limits of reason. Physical attacks that are meant to hurt and risk the consequences of harm or injury violate the very idea of game playing....

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  • Few people have heard of the mite harvestman, and fewer still would recognize it at close range. It is related to the far more familiar daddy longlegs, but its legs are stubby rather than long, and its body is about as big as a sesame seed. On the floors of the humid forests where it dwells, it looks like a speck of dirt. As unglamorous as the mite harvestman may seem, however, it has a spectacular history to unfold. An individual mite harvestman may spend its entire life in a few square meters of forest floor. The range of an entire species may be less than 100...

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  • Fatherlessness has reached epidemic levels.Forty percent of children in the U.S. will go to bed tonight in a home without a father. Studies show that people without fathers are at much higher risk for low…

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