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  • Sea dikes and estuary dikes of Vietnam have been constructed in a long time with different quality. Most of them had constructed on the natural lines in which the foundation is very complicated. When a land is increased, a new line of dike will be relocated, that a new dike will be laid on the soft soils. The safety and economic of new dike as well as short time of construction are depended on construction method.

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  • Approach road is an important structure of a bridge. Serviceability of a bridge is affected by the settlement of approach road, especially that on soft soil. One method that is usually applied for minimizing effect of settlement of approach road is to replace soft soil by hill soil. This method however may increase cost of projects in Mekong Delta area with a larger depth of soft soil. In this paper, soft soil strengthened by mixing it to cement and fly ash at different mix proportions was investigated.

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  • The paper presents the application of this solution to design soft soil improvement by sand drains at Km 3+130 Vi Thanh - Can Tho. It indicated that the settlement results of the soft ground treatment design based on Equivalent Plane Strain solution are similar to those from the Axisymmetric Condition analysis and field monitoring.

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  • Research objectives: To elucidate of characteristics of lithological composition, physicalmechanical properties and distribution of Quaternary sediments, the relationships between sediment characteristics, especially, the soft soil layers in the West Hanoi to land subsidence and ground collapse; then to propose prevention measures for sustainable development of infrastructure.

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  • The results show that in all cases, the settlement of stone column is about 50 -80% higher than stone column with geosynthetic encasement, which have proved the superior efficiency of geosynthetic encased column (GEC) compared to conventional stone applied in soft soil improvement.

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  • Ground improvement technique by prefabricated vertical drain (PVD) in combination with vacuum preloading is widely used to facilitate consolidation process and reduce residual settlement. However, this technique seem hardly be estimated by both analytical method and numerical method because it has complex boundary conditions (such as vacuum pressure changing with time). Moreover, lateral displacements caused by this technique are also significant problem.

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  • This paper presents a numerical method for analyzing the behavior of pile groups under construction of installing piles and excavating conditions. The numerical modeling and the measured data from construction sites were used for analysis. In the case study, the results of the lateral movement of piles from numerical analyses are in good agreement with the measured data, with differences of around 7.2% and 1.6%.

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  • A soft ground condition exists whenever construction loads a cohesive foundation soil beyond its preconsolidation stress, as often occurs with saturated clays and silts having SPT blow counts that are near zero. The paper recommends testing programs, testing methods and data interpretation techniques for developing design parameters for settlement and stability analyses. It hopes to move the state-of-practice closer to the state-of-the-art and thus is intended for geotechnical practitioners and teachers rather than researchers.

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  • Các thủ tục cơ sở nạp trước chân không bao gồm trong việc loại bỏ áp suất khí quyển từ một môi trường kín giới hạn của đất được củng cố và duy trì chân không trong một khoảng thời gian xác định trước thời gian. Các vấn đề công nghệ liên quan đến phương pháp này bao gồm: duy trì một mức độ hiệu quả của chân không và một hệ thống thoát nước hiệu quả dưới màng trục xuất nước và không khí trong suốt thời gian bơm toàn bộ....

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  • The management discipline faces massive challenges. Entirely new business models are enabled, while many traditional business models become obsolete. Moreover, integration and automation require a radical redesign of internal processes (Davenport, 1993). Managing alliances, distributed process man- agement, and application integration are recent entries on nearly every top management agenda (Österle, Fleisch, Alt, 2000).

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  • Universities seem not well prepared to ‘educate’ transformation skills. Like undergraduate programs, most MBA programs focus on traditional, disciplinary knowledge (e.g. marketing, accounting / finance, human resources, operations management, and information systems), although complex transformations require cross-disciplinary skills. Even at renowned business schools, integrated, cross-disciplinary pro- grams focusing on change are hard to find (Team Denzler, 2002). If they exist at all, ‘change’ programs often are restricted to soft factors and exclude technology issues.

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  • Bone Meal: Excellent slow-release source of calcium and phosphorus recommended for bulbs, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Analysis will range from 2-12-0 to 4-12-0 with 2 to 5 percent calcium. Slow release form of calcium and phosphorous. It is used for bulbs, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Analysis will range from 2-12-0 to 4- 12-0 with 2 to 5% calcium. A good calcium and phosphorus source but slower acting and more expensive than soft rock phosphate. Analysis of bone meal will vary from about 2-12-0 to 4-12-0 with 2-5 percent calcium.

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  • In this paper, a method how to determine the optimal depth of PVDs under vacuum loading condition for soft ground improvement is presented and applied to specific case in 861 provincial street, Ward Cai Be, Tien Giang District. The soft soil includes two layers with total 12m thick and is allowed to drain on the top and bottom faces (double drainage). The result shows that the optimal depth of PVDs is about 10,5m with the small error of 0,7%.

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  • Vacuum consolidation preloading method (VCM) has been widely adopted as an effective solution for soft soil improvement over the world. Recently, VCM has been successfully applied for improving the geotechnical properties of dredged mud, which is normally dumped at reclamation area by hydraulic pumping.

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  • Nhu cầu gia tăng về giao thông hiện đại, mạng lưới điện đã tăng nhu cầu về một nhiều hơn mở rộng và xây dựng sử dụng không gian ngầm. Kết quả là, nhiều dự án ngầm đã được hoàn tất trong một loạt các điều kiện mặt bằng, bao gồm cả đất ít nước và đá mềm. Công nghệ tiến bộ nhưng cũng đã làm tăng những thách thức mới như nhiều của các dự án phải được hoàn thành trong điều kiện khó khăn, với sự nghiêm ngặt hạn chế môi trường, đặc biệt là ở khu vực thành thị,...

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  • Dane Thorson, Cargo-master-apprentice of the Solar Queen, Galactic Free Trader spacer, Terra registry, stood in the middle of the ship's cramped bather while Rip Shannon, assistant Astrogator and his senior in the Service of Trade by some four years, applied gobs of highly scented paste to the skin between Dane's rather prominent shoulder blades. The small cabin was thickly redolent with spicy odors and Rip sniffed appreciatively. "You're sure going to be about the best smelling Terran who ever set boot on Sargol's soil," his soft slur of speech ended in a rich chuckle.

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  • Piled embankment reinforced geosynthetics are used as integrated foundation systems for construction of embankment over soft ground. Several design guidelines are available in the literature for these embankments based on the soil arching and tensioned membrane theories. However, among design engineers, there is uncertainty regarding the applicability of these design methods. This paper investigates some practical aspects and identifies some inconsistencies in applying these design methods.

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  • The tomato (var. sumberson) is highly susceptible to diseases caused by microorganisms as well as pest infestations; as a result serious loss is caused thereof in the production of those crops. On the background of these facts, the research was focused on controlling the diseases through the selected treatments with the objectives of evaluating the efficacy of Lantana camara extract, Balanites extract and their combinations to assess on controlling the pest/disease incidence and severity in tomato field conducted in Hamelmalo Agricultural College.

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