Soil fertility testing

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  • Soil fertility describes soil nutrient status and the factors controlling the supply of nutrients to plants. Continued efforts to improve soil fertility are required to support the world's growing demand for food, fiber, and renewable fuels. Important ecological services provided by soils, such as biodiversity, buffering capacity, and nutrient recycling benefit from the amendments applied to sustain soil fertility. Those amendments need to be applied in a manner that is both economical and practical for the producer to achieve agronomic objectives that are environmentally sound.

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  • European chestnut is the most important cash crop in the highlands of NE Portugal. However, limited data on cropping technique are available to help farmers make decisions. This work is motivated by the lack of data related to chestnut response to fertilizer application.

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  • The larvicidal and hydrolytic activities of tested Bt isolates demonstrated that a forest environment can be categorized as a rich source for Bt isolates that can be used in biological control and plant residue biodegradation. As a result, it is expected that Bt recovered from forests can be used to increase soil fertility and to enhance plant growth as well as productivity.

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