SONET devices

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  • In this chapter, we introduce a wide area network (WAN), SONET, that is used as a transport network to carry loads from other WANs. We first discuss SONET as a protocol, and we then show how SONET networks can be constructed from the standards defined in the protocol.

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  • As bandwidth needs have increased, enterprise customers have found it more economical to aggregate traffic from remote offices and have it backhauled to the data center via a DS3. For the carrier, this presents a problem. The carrier must be able to access the DS1s within the DS3 and then cross-connect them to the appropriate VT1.5s within the SONET payload. Traditionally, this operation has been performed using a Digital Cross-Connect System (DCS) and a SONET ADM. Obviously, requiring two separate devices for this function increases CAPEX and OPEX for the carrier.

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  • One of the greatest challenges facing mobile operators today is reducing the cost of the backhaul portion of their network, while increasing reliability and revenue generating opportunities. Additionally, mobile operators need to be sure that the backhaul transport solution is capable of addressing the traditional 1 and 2G-based Radio Access Networks (RANs) as well as the 3G-based RANs. The number of 3G-based RANs will grow driven by new services with higher bandwidth that enable end-users to get broadband access through their mobile devices....

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