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Space-time processing

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  • Part 1 book "Advanced concepts in particle and field theory" includes content: The nature of observing nature, fundamental physics - elementary particles and processes, physics in spacetime; the quark model - combinatorics and groups; gauge symmetries and interactions; non abelian gauge symmetries and interactions; the standard model.

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  • Part 2 book "Quantum theory - Concepts and methods" includes content: Spacetime symmetries, information and thermodynamics, semiclassical methods, chaos and irreversibility, the measuring process.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Physics and Whitehead: Quantum, Process, and Experience - Part 2 includes the following content: The Primacy of Asymmetry over Symmetry in Physics; Spacetime and Becoming: Overcoming the Contradiction Between Special Relativity and the Passage of Time; The Individuality of a Quantum Event: Whitehead’s Epochal Theory of Time and Bohr’s Framework of Complementarity; Physical Process and Physical Law; Whitehead’s Process Philosophy as Scientific Metaphysics; Whitehead and the Quantum Experience.

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  • The 4D model space combines the physical three-dimensional space of the factors affecting the formation of crystals, and time. Visualization of the crystallization process in spacetime plays an important role, as having great cognitive and probative value, and contributes to a better understanding of crystallization processes, creates conditions to control the properties of materials in the process of crystallization.

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