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  • The third edition of Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students will be welcome by all students new to academic writing in English-medium colleges and universities. The book is carefully set out to guide students step by step through the maze of assignment types, writing conventions and mysterious vocabulary they will find when entering higher education.

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  • There are a number of studies on the development of leadership skills. From the review of the literature, there are 11 most commonly identified skills that are characteristic of strong leaders. These skills include: Understanding the needs and characteristics of the post; Communicating; Knowing and using the resources of the group; Planning; Controlling group performance; Setting the example; Sharing leadership; Counseling; Evaluating; Effective teaching; and Representing the group. These skills will be discussed and selected in the following survey. ...

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  • Risk management is an evolving discipline. Several organizations have sought to provide assistance and thought leadership through the development of risk management frameworks and guidance. Much, if not most, of this guidance is focused on traditional operating companies and does not contemplate the externally managed structure of investment companies. As a result, while the guidance these organizations have provided is sound, it typically does not focus on the unique issues faced by funds and their boards of directors.

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  • Finally, the analysis of national sanctioning regimes carried out by the Commission, along with the Committees of Supervisors (now transformed into European Supervisory Authorities) has shown a number of divergences and weaknesses which may have a negative impact on the proper application of EU legislation, the effectiveness of financial supervision, and ultimately on competition, stability and integrity of financial markets and consumer protection.

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  • Imagine the opposite. For simplicity assume that A is the one the captives do not buy. It should be clear that the shoppers will not buy any good that captive do not buy so the retailer will not sell A at all. But one can always lower the price of A to such level that it is still above the marginal cost and the captives buy both goods, a strategy that increases pro t. In terms of Figure 1 B is the only good sold if the price point is in region B. For any point in this region the retailer can x the price of...

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  • Know what nonprofit car provider organizations exist in your community, help to spread the word, and support the expansion of their work. While insurance companies and car dealers charge high rates to low-wage workers, nonprofit car providers are leading the way in changing the marketplace to reduce the impact of unfair business practices. These providers also help families improve their credit ratings and develop banking relationships.

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  • Flows into bond funds worldwide increased significantly to €169 billion in the first quarter of 2012, the largest quarterly bond inflow ever recorded, after registering €49 billion of net inflows in the fourth quarter. Bond funds reported €86 billion of net inflows in the United States, up from €51 billion in the previous quarter. In Europe net inflows totaled €49 billion during the first quarter, marking a sharp turnaround compared to the net outflows of €11 billion recorded in the previous quarter. ...

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  • The independent variable in the present study was media presentation mode, being single mode (sound only) and double mode (sound and text). The dependent variables were learners’ English listening comprehension and cognitive load. There were two tests in the present study. The first test, for examining the participants' listening comprehension, was given immediately after concluding the ubiquitous learning activity. The second test was given to the ...

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  • Only a few studies consider the increased ventilation rate associated with active modes. One study [22] showed that the minute ventilation rate (product of the breathing rate and the volume of air per breath) of cyclists was on average twice that of car commuters (an increase from 12 L min-1 to 24 L min-1 ) and two studies [21, 23] suggest 31 L min-1 , and 40-60 L min-1 for cyclists, respectively. No studies could be found specifically in relation to the exposure of commuters who run to work, though one would expect these to be comparable or higher than those of...

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  • The purpose of your meeting is to resolve conflicts so that they won’t recur. Make your position clear: You are meeting because you respect the work of the department, you understand the priority of work, and you want to help. Communicating your desire to work with the manager and not against the goals of his or her department will enlist much more cooperation. Example: One project manager was under a great deal of pressure to complete the last phase of a project. He was already behind schedule, and his boss was applying pressure to finish it up.

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  • Notwithstanding some important steps forward, however, as we return once again to Jackson Hole I think we would all agree that, for much of the world, the task of economic recovery and repair remains far from complete. In many countries, including the United States and most other advanced industrial nations, growth during the past year has been too slow and joblessness remains too high. Financial conditions are generally much improved, but bank credit remains tight; moreover, much of the work of implementing financial reform lies ahead of us.

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  • What makes LSI better than the competition in its specific market niche? None of the current competitors are capable of combining LSI’s content with technology to create compelling e-learning courseware in under two weeks! The e-learning market will undergo significant price competition. In LSI’s market niche, however, given also the leadership position that it enjoys, price competition is expected to be less aggressive. The general e-learning market is highly fragmented with no single competitor accounting for a dominant market share, and competition is intense.

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  • Using these assessment factors, a business may decide that it can allow devices like Segways in its facilities, but cannot allow the use of golf cars in the same facility. It is likely that many businesses will allow the use of Segways® generally, although some may decide to exclude them during their busiest hours or on particular shopping days when pedestrian traffic is particularly dense. Businesses are encouraged to develop written policies specifying when other power-driven mobility devices will be permitted on their premises and to communicate those policies to the public.

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  • There are a variety of project management methodologies in existence, such as PRINCE (Project in Controlled Environment), which in turn may be supported by an ever increasing range of project management tools, such as Project Manager Workbench (PMW) and MS-Project. The precise requirements of project management methodologies vary and frequently methodologies may be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

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  • The use of a formal Rapid-Start Program is an effective way to ensure quick results. A Rapid-Start Program is a project management technique that maps various actions, audits and initiatives to be completed in the first 100 to 120 days. A Rapid-Start Program includes specific strategic and tactical initiatives, including initial audit fieldwork that should be occurring simultaneously. The plan includes projected target dates and milestones to measure progress, identify issues and make adjustments as needed.

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  • Gaining effective control of a corporation enables the controlling owner to determine how profits are shared among shareholders. Although the minority shareholders are entitled to the cash flow rights corresponding to their share investments, they face the uncertainty that the entrenched controlling owner may opportunistically deprive them of their rights. The effects of entrenchment by the controlling shareholder include outright expropriation, i.e., the controlling shareholder benefits from self-dealing transactions in which profits are transferred to other companies he/she controls.

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  • Nitrogen contamination may come from a variety of sources: municipal sewage, animal manure, atmospheric deposition, biological N fixation, soil organic N, and/or nitrogen fertilizers. The consequences of contamination in a specific water body will depend upon the amount of contamination from all sources and characteristics of the receiving waters. Shallow rivers, wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs, have some capacity to remove nitrogen by microbial denitrification.

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  • It is not possible to produce an adequate aesthetic theory by considering aesthetic experiences and aesthetic objects as if they belonged to entirely independent domains. 7 This is true first of all because qualities such as beauty and ugliness inhere in aesthetic objects only to the extent that they stand in certain specific relations, both causal and intentional, to experiencing subjects (a thesis which does not amount to the claim that aesthetic qualities are `merely subjective').

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  • The purpose of this paper is to add definitions of HGFs in terms of value added and productivity, and analyze how much the different types of HGFs contribute to employment growth, economic growth, productivity growth and sales growth, if the same firms are included among HGFs irrespective of definition, and whether firm age and size influence the likelihood of a firm being a HGF when different definitions are applied. We thus apply four different growth indicators: growth in employment, sales, value added and productivity.

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  • These omissions are not a minor issue. Far too much NATO and member government reporting focuses almost exclusively on the fighting and kinetic developments. The Taliban, however, is not fighting the same war as NATO/ISAF. It is seeking to expand its political and economic influence, not to defeat NATO/ISAF and Afghan forces in open battle. The Taliban and other Islamist fighters are also fighting a war of political attrition in an effort to outlast NATO/ISAF presence, force out given countries and NGOs, and push the Afghan people into a belief they must deal with the Taliban.

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