Spatial dimension

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  • Dualism is a dominant theory of life that considers reality to be a balance between two independent and fundamental principles: good and evil, mind and matter, nature and nurture. In the same manner we see the thread of dualism run through the ecology of parasitism: they can generate diversity but cause extinction, they may castrate a host but increase its growth rate, and they can stimulate an immune response but at the same time encourage a secondary chronic infection.

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  • This paper outlines the linguistic semantic commitments underlying an application which automatically constructs depictions of verbal spatial descriptions. Our approach draws on the ideational view of linguistic semantics developed by Ronald Langacker in his theory of Cognitive Grammar, and the conceptual representation of physical objects from the two-level semantics of Bierwisch and Lang. In particular the dimensions of the process of conventwnal imagery are used as a metric for the design of our own conceptual representation. ...

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  • Từ ngữ chuyên ngành vật lý .Định luật bảo toàn năng lượng (Conservation of energy), bức xạ viba phông hay nền (Microwave background radiation), Bước sóng (Wave length), Chiều của không gian (Spatial dimension), Định lý kỳ dị (Singularity theorem) ..và còn nhiều thuật ngữ ngành vật lý nữa, cùng tham khảo nào.

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  • Cellular networks are typically interference limited, with co-channel interference arising from cellular frequency reuse, ultimately limiting the quality and capacity of wireless networks [280,281]. However, Adaptive Antenna Arrays (AAAs) capable of exploiting the are spatial dimension in order to mitigate this co-channel interference and thus to increase the achievable network capacity [3,6,38,242,250,282].

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  • C H A P T E R S E V E N Space in General Equilibrium 7.1 INTRODUCTION How do households distribute themselves in a spatial dimension? Do they distribute themselves efficiently? What determines land-use patterns?

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  • Stoeglehner et al. Energy, Sustainability and Society 2011, 1:2 ORIGINAL Open Access Spatial dimensions of sustainable energy systems: new visions for integrated spatial and energy planning Gernot Stoeglehner1*, Nora Niemetz2 and Karl-Heinz Kettl2 Abstract The turn to sustainable energy system is a major societal goal at the global level.

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  • Foreword for Cary Conference X, “Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes.” Among the most difficult problems in the life sciences is the challenge to understand the details of how ecosystems/watersheds/landscapes function. Yet, the welfare of all life, not just the human species, depends upon the successful functioning of diverse and complicated ecosystems, each with various dimensions and compositions.

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  • If your application is successful, international students (non-Australian citizens) are required to attend and satisfactorily complete the Introductory Academic Program. This is held prior to the beginning of each semester in January and June. Topics covered include orientation to the academic system, academic writing and presentation work, referencing and research techniques, economics, mathematics, statistics and the use of computers and the University’s libraries and electronic information sources.

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  • Most tourism and business recruitment activities fall into the Quality, Connected Places component of a regional strategy. Finally, leadership programs, annual meetings, and citizen forums represent the core elements of Civic Collaboration. Development professionals can use the same framework to map their existing strategy.

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  • Rectilinear motion is a motion along a straight line, and can therefore be described mathematically using only one spatial dimension. The rectilinear motion can be of two types: uniform linear motion with constant velocity or zero acceleration; non uniform linear motion with variable velocity or non-zero acceleration. In this chapter introduce the rates of change and rectilinear motion, inviting you refer.

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  • Architecture and Mathematics have constantly balanced between two extremes: an experiential dimension often imbued with contemplative connotations, and the quest for operative techniques that do not necessarily present a spatial meaning. Hence the ambiguity we find ourselves in today, faced simultaneously with architecture’s estrangement from mathematics and the spectacular diffusion of computational tools.

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  • The evolution of technological advances in infrared sensor technology, image processing, “smart” algorithms, knowledge-based databases, and their overall system integration has resulted in new methods of research and use in medical infrared imaging. The development of infrared cameras with focal plane arrays not requiring cooling added a new dimension to this modality. New detector materials with improved thermal sensitivity are now available and production of high-density focal plane arrays (640×480) has been achieved.

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  • The fractal analysis is becoming a very useful tool to process obtained data from chaotic systems in geosciences. It can be used to resolve many ambiguities in this domain. This book contains eight chapters showing the recent applications of the fractal/mutifractal analysis in geosciences. Two chapters are devoted to applications of the fractal analysis in climatology, two of them to data of cosmic and solar geomagnetic data from observatories. Four chapters of the book contain some applications of the (multi-) fractal analysis in exploration geophysics.

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  • Event recognition methods can be roughly categorized into model-based methods and appearance-based techniques. Model-based approaches relied on various models, includ- ing HMM [35], coupled HMM [3], and Dynamic Bayesian Network [33], to model the temporal evolution. The relationships among different body parts and regions are also modeled in [3], [35], in which object tracking needs to be conducted at first before model learning.

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  • AMATH 581 Homework 2 Shallow Liquid Simulation Erik Neumann 610 N. 65th St., Seattle, WA 98103 November 19, 2001 Abstract A model of shallow fluid behavior is evaluated using a variety of numerical solving techniques. The model is defined by a pair of partial differential equations which have two dimensions in space and one dimension of time. The equations concern the vorticity ω and the stream function ψ which are related to the velocity field of the fluid. The equations are first discretized in time and space.

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