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  • IQ tests are a common feature of both the educational system and recruitment and selection procedures. Practicing the different types of tests can improve one's verbal, numerical, and spatial reasoning skills, boost confidence and improve IQ rating. Succeed at IQ Tests contains 400 questions, typical of those likely to appear in actual IQ tests. The questions are organized into 10 timed tests of 40 questions each. Each test includes a guide for scoring the results.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server implements extensive support for location-based data. Pro Spatial with SQL Server 2012 introduces SQL Server’s spatial feature set, and covers everything you'll need to know to store, manipulate, and analyze information about the physical location of objects in space. You’ll learn about the geography and geometry datatypes, and how to apply them in practical situations involving the spatial relationships of people, places, and things on Earth.

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  • The Oracle Spatial User’s Guide and Reference provides usage and reference information for indexing and storing spatial data and for developing spatial applications using Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator. Oracle Spatial requires the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database 10g. It is a foundation for the deployment of enterprise-wide spatial information systems, and Web-based and wireless location-based applications requiring complex spatial data management. Oracle Locator is a feature of the Standard and Enterprise Editions of Oracle Database 10g.

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  • In the last few years, we witnessed a significant increase in the importance of spatial planning as a part of the social process and development of affected regions in developed countries. Using advanced information technologies for spatial planning is suitable on the level of municipalities, towns, regions and countries. Spatial planning is a considerable part of very rapidly developing geosciences.

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  • Over the years it has become evident in many areas of computer applications that the functionality database management systems has to be enlarged to include spatially referenced data.

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  • • Understand basic properties of spatial/geographic data • Understand the value of SDBMS - Application domains - Users - How is different from a DBMS? • Understand concept of spatial databases • Learn about major spatial information applications • Learn about components of Spatial Database Management Systems (SDBMS)

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  • Earth sciences phenomena have evolved in time and space jointly, but in practical applications their records are available as temporal records, spatial measurements, or both.

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  • AN ASSESSMENT OF SPATIAL DIFFERENTIATION IN VIETNAM’S SOCIAL-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1990-2000 There can be multiple equilibria, however, and the allocation of effective schools is not uniquely determined by the model’s parameters. Conventional comparative statics analysis is not meaningful when equilibrium is non-unique, as the parental valuation parameter affects the set of possible equilibria rather than altering a particular equilibrium.

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  • Spatial or territorial organization is one of effective tools for sustainable land use. Spatial organization of land use and environmental protection by functional sub-areas is performed on the basis of comprehensive and integrated research on characteristics and differentiation laws of natural components and landscapes, socio-economic factors, the present status and trend of environmental changes as well as the structures and functions of sub-areas. Uong Bi is a national center for tourism, coal mining and thermal power production.

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  • The paper is focusing on the following topics: - Assessment of natural conditions in Diem Dien Town, such as: location, relief, land, water and marine resources. - Research, assess human and economic resources such as population, labor skills, infrastructure, political mechanism and consumption market. - Analysis, assess efficiency of current producing situation and organizing agriculture, fisheries for economic structural transition oriented industrialization and goods commodity. - Set up spatial models of agro - fisheries and processing industry with its natural, social...

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  • This is to be contrasted by the fact that the NII may well be the most important technology needed to facilitate a coordinated NSDI. The Mapping Science Committee (MSC) has recommended1 that the NSDI be developed to a level that would support the needs of the nation. The costs of creating and maintaining digital spatial data are high, so it is particularly important that spatial data collection not be duplicated,

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  • This paper outlines the linguistic semantic commitments underlying an application which automatically constructs depictions of verbal spatial descriptions. Our approach draws on the ideational view of linguistic semantics developed by Ronald Langacker in his theory of Cognitive Grammar, and the conceptual representation of physical objects from the two-level semantics of Bierwisch and Lang. In particular the dimensions of the process of conventwnal imagery are used as a metric for the design of our own conceptual representation. ...

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  • In computer terminology, it regards the (material) universe as a non-spatial computer, with hardware of (non-spatial) feelings and software of superhuman as well as non-superhuman thoughts/ideas, including those of space, which is then an illusive/virtual/merely apparent entity. The mere existence of the superhuman thoughts is responsible for the empirical (i.e. a posteriori) order in the non-superhuman ones. The theory, however, accepts the possibility of the reality of space, the space where the phenomena like quantum non-locality do not exist in.

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  • Invite you to consult the lecture content "Beyond bags of features: Adding spatial information" below. Contents of lectures introduce to you the content: Implicit shape models, probabilistic model, results motorbikes and airplanes,... Hopefully document content to meet the needs of learning, work effectively.

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  • The ability to understand spatial prepositions and motion in natural language will enable a variety of new applications involving systems that can respond to verbal directions, map travel guides, display incident reports, etc., providing for enhanced information extraction, question-answering, information retrieval, and more principled text to scene rendering.

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  • The paper presents a new model for contextdependent interpretation of linguistic expressions about spatial proximity between objects in a natural scene. The paper discusses novel psycholinguistic experimental data that tests and verifies the model. The model has been implemented, and enables a conversational robot to identify objects in a scene through topological spatial relations (e.g. “X near Y”). The model can help motivate the choice between topological and projective prepositions.

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  • This paper presents an approach to incrementally generating locative expressions. It addresses the issue of combinatorial explosion inherent in the construction of relational context models by: (a) contextually defining the set of objects in the context that may function as a landmark, and (b) sequencing the order in which spatial relations are considered using a cognitively motivated hierarchy of relations, and visual and discourse salience.

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  • Digital Image Processing: Image Enhancement Spatial Filtering - Duong Anh Duc includes Image Enhancement - Spatial Filtering; How to specify T; Smoothing Filters; Image smoothing by averaging (lowpass spatial filtering); Image Sharpening; High-boost filtering; Prewitt operators.

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  • Lecture Digital image processing - Spatial and frequency domain filter design include all of the following content: Spatial domain filter design (average/mean filter, median filter, gaussian smoothing, conservative smoothing), frequency – based filter design.

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  • In this paper, focus on model that combines the spatial multiplexing technique and the cooperative communications, with relay nodes using decode and forward technique where source node and the relay nodes have only one antenna, destination node has multiple antennas; and relay nodes use amplify and forward technique to reduce power consumption and suitable for compact devices; and destination node uses zero forcing (ZF) algorithm.

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