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  • On 5 August 1981, for reasons then given, this Court ordered that these proceedings be removed as a whole from the High Court to this Court for hearing and determination. They are proceedings, brought by way of application for judicial review, in which certain parts of the report of the Royal Commission on the Mount Erebus aircraft disaster are attacked. In summary the applicants claim that these parts are contrary to law, in excess of jurisdiction and in breach of natural justice. .One of the reasons for ordering the removal was that it was important that the complaints be finally...

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  • This monograph summarizes research conducted by RAND Arroyo Center in support of the 2002 Army Science Board Aviation Study. The purpose of this five-month study was to help the Aviation Panel of the Army Science Board explore and assess survivability concepts and technologies associated with flexible transport aircraft that could be used to make possible new operational maneuver options for the Army’s future force.

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  • During my experience of teaching aircraft structures I have felt the need for a textbook written specifically for students of aeronautical engineering. Although there have been a number of excellent books written on the subject they are now either out of date or too specialist in content to fulfil the requirements of an undergraduate textbook.

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  • The total number of mammalian cortical granule proteins has been estimated to be between four and fourteen or more [10,19,20]. Several specific proteins have been iden- tified as cortical granule proteins [21]. N-acetylglucosami- nidase was detected in exudates of ionophore-activated mouse oocytes using an enzymatic assay and was local- ized in the cortical granules at the electron microscopic level [13].

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  • For countries with a tradition of reliance on laws and regulations (rather than standards) for the fixing of accounting and auditing requirements, specific issues arise. Rather than giving authority to a continuing process of standard-setting, new statutory measures are required whenever a new international standard is enacted, or an existing international standard is amended. Typically, such changes must be gazetted in the official language of the country.

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  • The purpose of this manual is to provide examples of the radiotelephony phraseology found in those two documents. While the procedures and phraseology specifically reflect the situation in an environment where very high frequency (VHF) is in use, they are equally applicable in those areas where high frequency (HF) is used.

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