Specific cutting energy

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  • The objective of this work is to develop the specific cutting energy (SCE) model and optimize machining parameters for decreasing energy consumption and improving the material removal rate (MRR), while surface roughness Ra is considered as a constraint. In the practical machining, the surface roughness Ra is predetermined as the technical requirement.

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  • The application of emulsion for combined heat extraction and lubrication requires continuous monitoring of the quality of emulsion to sustain a desired grinding environment; this is applicable to other grinding fluids as well. Thus to sustain a controlled grinding environment, it is necessary to adopt an effectively lubricated wheel-work interface.

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  • The European Commission has further stated that work must begin immediately on a longer-term target of a 50% cut in global emissions by 2050 (see Figure 1). Producing 27% of all emissions, transport is the second largest source of man-made CO2 in the EU-27 after energy production (see Figure 2). Moreover, latest projections from the European Environment Agency (EEA) estimate that the sector’s emissions are set to increase by 25% between 1990 and 2020. This is in contrast to emissions from industrial and energy sectors, which are falling....

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  • We conclude that additional investments in cleaner production and products may be stimulated by widening the cost gap between the two types of technologies, for instance, by additionally charging for the use of waste and energy. The potential for continuously substi- tuting end-of-pipe technologies with cleaner technologies might be limited, however, since not all regulations favoring end-of-pipe technologies can be cut down. For example, addi- tional filters currently reduce particulate emissions of Diesel cars more effectively than the more eco-efficient Diesel engines.

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  • Each type of protective eyewear is designed to protect against specific hazards. Employers can identify the specific workplace hazards that threaten employees’ eyes and faces by completing a hazard assessment as outlined in the earlier section. Welding Operations The intense light associated with welding operations can cause serious and sometimes permanent eye damage if operators do not wear proper eye protection.

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