Specific growth rate

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  • The Sargassum species are prospective candidates for marine culture, but there are a limited number of reports on their nutrient requirements and optimum initial stocking biomass, and nothing is published for Sargassum spinuligerum.

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  • The results showed that weight gain (WG), showed that fishmeal protein replacement levels had significant effects on fish weight gain (WG), specific growth rate (SGR), feed conversion ratio (FCR), protein efficiency ratio (PER), economic conversion ratio (ECR) (P 50 % protein (Công ty EWOS) trong đó bột cá được xem là nguồn protein chủ yếu trong thức ăn. Tuy nhiên trong những năm gần đây, sản lượng bột cá đang giảm dần và giá thành ngày một tăng. Để duy trì sự phát triển bền vững nuôi trồng thủy sản thì việc tìm kiếm những nguyên liệu thay thế...

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  • Another way to look at cross-country evidence is to look at the association between tax ratios and, not the level of prosper- ity, but the growth rate of prosperity. There have been a large number of studies about this concept in the last twenty years. Robert Barro of Harvard had an influential study several years back claiming to find that, while holding other determinants of growth constant, low tax rates and low government spending were associated with higher growth.

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  • The objective of this research is to study of microbial lipid production by locally photosynthetic microalgae and oleaginous yeast via integrated cultivation technique using CO2 emissions from yeast fermentation. A maximum specific growth rate of Chlorella sp. KKU-S2 of 0.284 (1/d) was obtained under an integrated cultivation and a maximum lipid yield of 1.339g/L was found after cultivation for 5 days, while 0.969g/L of lipid yield was obtained after day 6 of cultivation time by using CO2 from air. A high value of volumetric lipid production rate (QP, 0.

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  • Our forecast model assumes that California resident tax filers’ wage and salary income surpasses $1 trillion for the first time in 2017. Between 2012 and 2018, we assume that wages and salaries for all resident California taxpayers grow at an average annual rate of about 5 percent—similar to the growth rate in recent decades. Employment growth, inflation, and changes in labor productivity contribute to rising wages and salaries throughout the economy. Capital Gains Drive PIT Volatility.

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  • Among the largest Member States outside the euro area, the United Kingdom is expected to see an improvement in disposable incomes and financing conditions, which should allow a gradual return of domestic demand growth in 2013 and an acceleration in 2014. For Poland, a deceleration from previous growth rates is projected as external headwinds and the stagnation in the labour market take their toll. The adjustment of the remaining imbalances is subject to a number of challenging interdependencies such as the feedback loop between banks and sovereigns, the impact on domestic...

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  • Taxes can affect investment not only through the income and substitution effects related to saving, but also through a risk-taking effect. The capital gains tax rate has been singled out as being important to investment. For risk-averse investors, the capital gains tax could act as insurance for risky investments by reducing the losses as well as the gains—it decreases the variability of investment returns. 27 Consequently, a rise in the capital gains top rate could increase investment because of reduced risk.

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  • Na tional in come, popu la tion, and ur ban growth rates are also as sumed for each coun try group, along with an tici pated changes in these rates over time. The model uses the re vised United Na tions medium- variant pro jec tions for 1996 for demo graphic as sump- tions. Na tional in come pro jec tions are es ti mated based on a re view of pro jec tions drawn from sources such as the World Bank. The model is solved on an an nual basis by link ing each coun try model to the rest of...

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  • The results showed that application of fertilizers enhanced the growth, physiology, and quality of both flower species. The growth characteristics and quality of both flower species in COF treatment were higher than those in other fertilizer treatments. Specifically, treatment of COF stimulated growth of lateral branch, number of leaves, leaf chlorophyll value and photosynthetic rate of both species. In addition, the highest flower diameters, number of flowers/plants, and flower longevity were observed in COF treatment.

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  • Using a bottom up approach, totals are aggregated from 2,490 discrete individual product group lines.  Each of these lines uses specific data sources and can be analysed individually, unlike traditional  studies which often group together data sources.   Forecasts are calculated using the same principles as for determining market value and as such can be  applied on a line by line basis. This allows the identification of high growth areas within a particular  sub‐sector. Traditional methods tend to apply a growth rate to the whole of a sub‐sector, rather than  individual parts of it.

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  • The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has declared 2009 the International Year of Natural Fibers so we are using Wildlife Friendly certified plant and animal fibers, specifically yarn as a mini case to illustrate how you can pull together the guidance in this document for your product. Market Trends and relevance to Wildlife Friendly yarns - The past few years have seen an explosive interest in knitting and corresponding growth in yarn sales especially with a younger demographic of women.

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  • Over the years, a wide variety of methods have been developed to reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. These methods are called birth con- trol or contraception. Birth control helps a couple plan if and when to have a child. However, birth control gained even more importance in the late twentieth century for two additional reasons. The world’s human population is growing faster than at any other time in history. For example, in 1800, Earth supported a population of almost 1 billion people. By the year 2000, the human pop- ulation reached 6 billion.

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  • Following a period of sluggish growth, the Euro Area is showing signs of recovery and this is reflected in the GDP growth forecasts for 2006 and 2007. Growth in the final quarter of 2005 was weak at only 0.3 per cent, but we are forecasting a recovery to a stronger rate of 0.7 per cent in the first quarter of 2006. We expect this performance to be maintained through 2006 and so we forecast GDP growth of 2.2 per cent for this year. For 2007, we forecast a slightly slower rate of GDP growth, 2 per cent. The forecast also...

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  • Aggregate saving is an important source of funds for domestic investment and economic growth and thus the question of what determines its level and rate remains a crucial research and policy agenda. Moreover, in the face of volatile flows of external finance, domestic saving has become even more critical for economic development.

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  • HGFs are identified in either of two ways. First, as the share of firms in a population which has the highest growth during a particular time period, for instance, the one or five percent of firms with the highest growth rate in the studied period. Second, as firms growing at or above a particular pace, measured either in terms of growth between a start and end year, or as annualized growth over a specific number of years. The studied population is either continuing firms (also called permanent firms or ongoing firms), i.e., firms existing throughout the studied period; or new...

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  • The Member States that have acceded to the EU since 2004 have grown at above average rates and gained shares in the EU-27’s total output. In spite of this, a comparison of the development of ME across the whole of the EU with the progress experienced in individual new Member States 26 shows a below average growth. ME has lost shares of total manufacturing output, particularly in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, although to a lesser degree in the latter ( Figure 2.2). Noteworthy structural changes are underway in the Italian manufacturing industry. For more than a decade...

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  • "The security of information systems has not improved at a rate consistent with the growth and sophistication of the attacks being made against them. To address this problem, we must improve the underlying strategies and techniques used to create our systems. Specifically, we must build security in from the start, rather than append it as an afterthought. That's the point of Secure Coding in C and C++. In careful detail, this book shows software developers how to build high-quality systems that are less vulnerable to costly and even catastrophic attack.

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  • For the purpose of this review, green bonds are broadly defined as fixed-income debt securities issued (by governments, multi-national banks or corporations) in order to raise the necessary capital for a project which contributes to a low carbon, climate resilient economy. To date, these have been issued predominantly as AAA-rated securities by the World Bank and other development banks and some other entities in order to raise capital specifically for climate change and green growth related projects.

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  • Host Defense Mechanisms Preventing meningococcal growth in blood requires bactericidal and opsonic antibodies, complement, and phagocytes (Fig. 136-3). The major bactericidal antibodies are IgM and IgG, which (except for serogroup B) bind to the capsular polysaccharide. Immunity to meningococci is therefore serogroup specific. Antibodies to other surface (subcapsular) antigens may confer crossserogroup protection. PorA, PorB, Opc, and LOS appear to be major targets of cross-reactivity and of serogroup B bactericidal antibodies.

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