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  • Taking risks with one’s life in sport competitions is nothing new in the human experience. Gladiatorial competitions in ancient Rome and jousts in medieval Europe are two examples of sports that fit the modern definition of extreme. Extreme sports in their modern form are a recent development and the list of pursuits and sports categorized as “extreme” is long and growing as is the number of athletes and spectators. Extreme sports now form a distinct sector within the larger sports industry, although exactly where it fits is not at all clear.

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  • (BQ) Sport is undergoing a global technological revolution. Year on year, records are smashed, equipment gets more sophisticated, facilities improve almost beyond recognition. These changes are impacting on all areas of sport, from shoes to cycles and stadia. Is this making sport more exciting for participants and spectators? Or are talent and determination becoming secondary to money and technology, devaluing honest competition?

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  • (BQ) This new textbook examines the role that social psychology has in the explanation of exercise and sport behaviour. It devotes considerable attention to key social psychological issues within the two disciplines; health-related exercise behaviour and the behaviour of competitive sport participants and the spectators of elite sport.

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  • Basketball is a truly global game. Invented by a Canadian who lived in the United States, it is one of the most popular spectator sports in Europe and is played extensively in China. People worldwide seem to like the sport for its simplicity; only a flat surface, a hoop, and a ball are required to play. Another attraction is the beauty inherent in basketball. The individuals who engage in the sport at its highest levels display a grace and athleticism that is both unparalleled and often enrapturing....

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  • March 29, 1973, found me aboard a C-141 transport plane, along with fi fty other U.S. servicemen, returning to the United States after duty in Vietnam. The fl ight was the last in the withdrawal of U.S. military forces under the terms of the peace agreement that the United States and North Vietnam had reached in Paris two months earlier (not to be confused with the much more hazardous and chaotic exodus of the few remaining Americans when the agreement broke down and Communist forces overran South Vietnam in April 1975)....

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  • The Integration of Major League Baseball is not another nostalgic trip through Negro League history or a re-telling of the Jackie Robinson–Branch Rickey saga. This book focuses on the teams themselves, and the owners, front-office executives, and managers who were the heroes, villains, or fainthearted spectators of integration. In these pages some of the most respected and revered names in baseball will be disparaged by the record of what was actually accomplished under their watch. By the same token, unsung heroes of the day will be identified.

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  • When one thinks of baseball, rarely do thoughts of tragedy come to mind. It is a game associated with warm, sunny days and leisurely outings to the local ballpark. Yet injury and death have been associated with the game from its beginnings. Even the most casual fan has heard about baseball’s most renowned fatality, the beaning death of Cleveland Indians player Ray Chapman. On the afternoon of August 20, 1920, the Yankees notorious headhunter, Carl Mays, threw a pitch that struck Chapman on the left temple.

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  • In June 1990, footballers representing the twenty-four nations whose teams have won through the preliminary rounds will meet in Italy to contest the fourteenth World Cup Finals. Not for the first time in the history of the world’s most popular sport, they will be competing in an atmosphere which can be realistically described as embattled and beleaguered. ‘There is tension in our national game as there has never been before—on the pitch, off the pitch, in the boardrooms and in the corridors of power....

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  • The subject of this book is the National Basketball Association (NBA), which, for various reasons, has evolved into one of the most competitive, prominent, and successful organizations in the history of American team sports.

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  • The game of football is firmly entrenched in the United States as a sport i n g pastime. It has evolved to become an extraord i n a ry part of American culture , deeply woven into the fabric of the nation. For the many fans of the game, allegiance to a team is of utmost importance. They identify with their team, rejoicing in victory and suffering in defeat. While the notion may seem trite, for many, football is much more than a game. It’s an experience that goes beyond simple sport. For those who have played the game, at any level, being a spectator brings back...

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