Speculative risk

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  • Chapter 12 focuses on managed futures. As one of many different trading strategies in the alternative investment universe, managed futures investing involves speculative investments in gold, oil, and other commodities that change in value in accordance with price fluctuations.

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  • Measure risk: Accurate and timely measurement of risk is essential to effective risk management. A bank that does not have risk measurement tools has limited ability to control or monitor risk levels. Further, more sophisticated measurement tools are needed as the complexity of the risk increases. A bank should periodically test to make sure that the measurement tools it uses are accurate.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Financial markets and institutions" has contents: Foreign exchange markets; exchange rate risk, derivatives markets and speculation, international capital markets, government borrowing and financial markets, the regulation of financial markets.

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  • Americans have always loved risk-takers, the man or woman with ambition and vision who goes for broke. “Boldness of enterprise is the foremost cause of its rapid progress, its strength and its greatness,” Tocqueville wrote as he surveyed the nation’s business landscape well over a century ago. Although American business and financial life reminded this French observer of “a vast lottery,” he marveled at the extent to which Americans “encourage and do honor to boldness in commercial speculations.”...

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  • However, a major change in the relationship between the credit rating agencies and the U.S. bond markets occurred in the 1930s. Bank regulators were eager to encourage banks to invest only in safe bonds. They issued a set of regulations that culminated in a 1936 decree that prohibited banks from investing in “speculative investment securities” as determined by “recognized rating manuals.” “Speculative” securities (which nowadays would be called “ junk bonds”) were below “investment grade.

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  • Late in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, U.S. newspapers were filled with speculation as to whether New Orleans would continue to exist as a great and unique American city. Levee and floodwall failure had inundated large parts of the city and resulted in more than 1,500 deaths and catastrophic damage to property and the economy. In 2011, extreme amounts of precipitation, inadequate levees, and possible mismanagement of reservoirs contributed to widespread flooding around Bangkok, Thailand.

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  • Useful for undergraduate and post graduate student in Finance area

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  • Dù đang giao dịch hay hướng dẫn 1 lớp chứng khoán, future, option tại Online Trading Academy, rủi ro giao dịch ít nhất và lợi nhuận cao nhất mỗi ngày thường là khoảng trống lúc mở cửa....

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  • Because of the special risks associated with investing in Emerging Markets, sub-funds which invest in such securities should be considered speculative. Investors in such sub-funds are advised to consider carefully the special risks of investing in emerging market securities.

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  • Even if an entity otherwise holds a “substantial position” in swaps, it would not qualify as a major swap participant if those positions are held for “hedging or mitigating commercial risk,” among other exceptions. 20 However, the proposed defi nition of “hedging or mitigat- ing commercial risk” would exclude swap positions held for speculative purposes. 21 As most private funds would presumably be deemed to be holding their swap positions for speculative purposes, that exclusion is unlikely to apply to them.

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  • A more widely used device is the buying and selling of futures contracts on the commodities exchange. All individuals or firms holding agricultural commodities for which futures markets are available may guard -- "hedge" -- against price changes. Essential marketing services are performed by the people who run the futures exchange and enforce its trading rules, the brokers who act as agents on the floor of the exchange, and the speculators who assume the risks and thus make hedging possible.

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  • Chapter 19 - Options markets. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Understand how call and put options are used and how they are priced, examine the instruments traded on the australian options market, understand how options can be used for either risk management or for speculative purposes.

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  • In an economic system that is based upon individual behaviour and not upon conformity, that is to say, it is based upon, “the absence of mutual interest amongst the factors of production” no law prohibiting abusive speculation is possible. The period of time between delivery and payment, being the condition of lending and of trade, produces a risk to production and to the transportation of goods.

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  • A high yield, or “junk” bond is a bond issued by a company that is considered to be a higher credit risk. The credit rating of a high yield bond is considered “speculative” grade or below “investment grade”. This means that the chance of default with high yield bonds is higher than for other bonds. Their higher credit risk means that “junk” bond yields are higher than bonds of better credit quality.

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  • In this chapter, Students understand and can recall the costs and benefits of hedging, payoffs and profits of currency forwards and futures, difference between a forward and futures, how to speculate with forwards and futures contracts, how financial managers use forwards and futures to hedge fx risk, how futures are traded and margin calculated.

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  • Proudhon represents speculation as a type of production. However, like all human activity it can be misused – “unproductive speculation,” the stock market acting as, “the temple,” for this ritual. He adds that unproductive speculation is an inherent part of the economic system.

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  • All industrial, commercial and financial combinations are governed by chance: speculation thus involves some level of risk. The reward from the transaction is therefore two-fold: for the newly created utility there is the reward for a service and a speculative gain for the risk assumed. This second part, the jobbery, is the object of abuse: sought for its own sake, irrespective of any service supplied, this remuneration of risk can be classified as a game or even as a fraud. Speculation is thus the art of becoming rich “without working, capital, trade or genius.

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