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  • i n a n u t sh e l l , t h i s bo ok i s a n at t e m p t t o m a k e l i f e easier for people who want to cook and eat healthy homemade food without spending a ton of time and money. But that’s not all it is. It could also be described as an attempt to provide some basic tools for people who want to be healthier and lighten the footprint of the way they eat by emphasizing whole foods (meaning unprocessed things, not the union-busting grocery chain), local ingredients, and...

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  • HOW DID ORDINARY PEOPLE THINK ABOUT MATHEMATICS IN THE PAST? How did they write about it? How did they learn it and teach it? If—like me—you think those questions are fascinating, read on. Mathematics has been written about and thought about in all kinds of different ways over the centuries, and, since the beginning of printing more than 500 years ago, whole genres of mathematical writing have appeared and, often, disappeared. This book brings together a taste of many of those kinds of writing.

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  • I was a closet meat eater, a vegetarian trying not to get caught with a pork chop, beef patty, or chicken sausage in my hand. Now I am a fl exitarian and don’t have to wear a scarlet letter for eating a little red meat. I want to be a vegetarian because of the countless health benefi ts. I also want to enjoy backyard barbecue hamburgers in the summertime, hot dogs at a Cubs baseball game, Grandma’s pork roast made with love, my father-in-law’s beef chili, Mom’s perfectly seasoned steak grilled to perfection by Dad, and Th anksgiving turkey....

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