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  • The survey results indicate that the majority of students in almost all of the scenarios preferred the modern electronic soundtrack. Furthermore, in each case, regardless of whether a majority was reached, the positive response to this music outweighed the negative response. Focus group comments for the Caligari screening, for example, noted that the DJ Spooky music was “more effective” and allowed for a “better experience” for students.

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  • In the initial demonstration using music by DJ Spooky to accompany Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 72.2 percent of students felt that the music enhanced their engage- ment with the film. Additionally, 19.4 percent found that the music detracted from their viewing experience and 8.3 percent felt that it neither enhanced nor detracted. Alternatively, these statistics point out that 80.5 percent of students had no objections to the use of a modern score. In contrast, 47.8 percent of stu- dents felt that a symphonic or string instrument score would have enhanced their engagement, but only 9.

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  • However, some focus group participants also found the use of electronic music “distracting.” Several students who disliked the use of DJ Spooky’s music accompanying Caligari noted being distracted by the modern drum loops and electronic sounds, claiming that they didn’t “suit” the film. Another student anonymously described having seen the film before, and feeling “far more removed from the film” because of the electronic music: “the experiment created an unconscious focus on where the film and the contemporary DJ track ‘synched’ up.

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  • The Last Bite Seren snagged her fishnet stocking on the buckles of her New Rock boots. She cursed under her breath as the fabric ripped, but where she was going no-one would notice one hole larger than the rest in her hosiery. She checked herself out in the mirror. She didn't look too bad at all. The eyeliner had gone on okay at the third attempt, more old school gothic than spooky kid. Her face was perfectly pale and her blood red lips were lined with black.

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  • Stranger Things Happen is being released as a Free Download under Creative Commons license on July 1, 2005, to celebrate the publication of Kelly Link’s second collection, Magic for Beginners. If all goes as planned Magic for Beginners will be released on September 15, 2005 (when all the rights have reverted to the author). This book is governed by Creative Commons licenses that permit its unlimited noncommercial redistribution,

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