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  • I’m in Massachusetts to offer a workshop to women on self-care and selfnurturing. I almost turned down the event because I felt so disembodied from the material I have been talking and writing about for nine years. I’m cavernous inside, a ramshackle soul. The only way I nurture myself these days is by eating chocolate and whining, and even those are failing me.

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  • I think that running or working in a small business is one of the coolest things a person can do. Really. I mean it. Sure, sometimes the environment is dangerous — kind of like the Old West — but it’s also an environment in which you have the opportunity to make tons of money. And it’s also an environment in which you can build a company or a job that fits you. In comparison, many brothers and sisters working in big-company corporate America are furiously trying to fit their round pegs into painfully square holes. Yuck....

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  • The broaching operation is similar to shaping with multiple teeth and is used to machine internal and external surfaces such as holes of circular, square, or irregular shapes, keyways, and teeth of internal gears. A broach is a long multitooth cutting tool with successively deeper cuts. Each tooth removes a predetermined amount of material in a predetermined location. The total depth of material removed in one path is the sum of the depth of cut of each tooth. Broaching is an important production process and can produce parts with very good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Broaching...

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  • To try to write a history of furniture in a fairly short space is almost as hard as the square peg and round hole problem. No matter how one tries, it will not fit. One has to leave out so much of importance, so much of historic and artistic interest, so much of the life of the people that helps to make the subject vivid, and has to take so much for granted, that the task seems almost impossible. In spite of this I shall try to give in the following pages a general but necessarily short review of the field, hoping that it...

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