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  • This paper shows that a simple two-stage approach to handle non-local dependencies in Named Entity Recognition (NER) can outperform existing approaches that handle non-local dependencies, while being much more computationally efficient. NER systems typically use sequence models for tractable inference, but this makes them unable to capture the long distance structure present in text.

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  • Traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) aims at movement of goods and services from one end of this chain to the other through different stages so as to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the entire process. As SCM spans across the economic functions of the entire value chain of a product or service, it is vital for a company to join in, form, or coordinate its business related supply chains, forming various kinds of business relationships.

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  • Information Systems are the software and hardware systems that support data‐ intensive applications. One of the most critical stages of an Information System development cycle is the System Design stage. During this stage the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and system data are defined and modeled in order to fulfill the respective requirements that the developed Information System should meet. For accomplishing this task a number...

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  • Information Systems are the software and hardware systems that support dataintensive applications. One of the most critical stages of an Information System development cycle is the System Design stage. During this stage the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and system data are defined and modeled in order to fulfill the respective requirements that the developed Information System should meet.

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  • In this tutorial the sequence analysis for construction stage analysis is outlined. The example selected is a prestressed concrete box girder bridge (FCM) and the construction stage analysis is performed using the Wizard”.In the construction stage analysis the above construction sequences should be considered precisely. The construction stage analysis capability of MIDAS/Civil comprises an activate/deactivate concept of Structure Groups, Boundary Groups, and Load Groups. The analysis sequence of construction stage analysis for FCM is as follows:...

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  • We analyse the mathematical structure of portfolio credit risk models with particular regard to the modelling of dependence between default events in these models. We explore the role of copulas in latent variable models (the approach that underlies KMV and CreditMetrics) and use non-Gaussian copulas to present extensions to standard industry models. We explore the role of the mixing distribution in Bernoulli mixture models (the approach underlying CreditRisk+) and derive large portfolio approximations for the loss distribution.

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  • This paper addresses the problem of automatically retrieving answers for how-to questions, focusing on those that inquire about the procedure for achieving a specific goal. For such questions, typical information retrieval methods, based on key word matching, are better suited to detecting the content of the goal (e.g., ‘installing a Windows XP server’) than the general nature of the desired information (i.e., procedural, a series of steps for achieving this goal).

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  • While computational estimation of difficulty of words in the lexicon is useful in many educational and assessment applications, the concept of scalar word difficulty and current corpus-based methods for its estimation are inadequate. We propose a new paradigm called word meaning maturity which tracks the degree of knowledge of each word at different stages of language learning. We present a computational algorithm for estimating word maturity, based on modeling language acquisition with Latent Semantic Analysis. ...

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  • This paper deals with the automatic translation of route descriptions into graphic sketches. We discuss some general problems implied by such inter-mode transcription. We propose a model for an automatic text-to-image translator with a two-stage intermediate representation in which the linguistic representation of a route description precedes the creation of its conceptual representation.

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  • Linguistic knowledge usable for machine translation is always imperfect. We cannot be free from the uncertainty of knowledge we have for machine translation. Especially at the transfer stage of machine translation, the selection of target language expression is rather subjective and optional. Therefore the linguistic contents of machine translation system always fluctuate, and make gradual progress. The system should be designed to allow such constant change and improvements.

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  • The study presents the application of parabolic model using MEPBAY package to estimate the equilibrium stages of the headland-bay beaches in Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan provinces. The model results showed that the present shorelines in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan are not under equilibrium stages. As for Binh Thuan, the shoreline changes with and without structures in Phan Thiet and Hon Rom beaches were predicte.

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  • (BQ) In the present study, the temperature distribution on the surface of workpiece and tool during a single discharge in the electrical discharge machining process has been simulated using ABAQUS code finite element software. The temperature dependency of material properties and the expanding of plasma channel radius with time have been employed in the simulation stage. The profile of temperature distribution has been utilized to calculate the dimensions of discharge crater.

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  • The paper begins with a brief review of the stages of economic growth and science and technology development in Korea. Then, the existing literature, explaining the Korean innovation model, is analyzed in order to establish a new framework for the Korean innovation model.

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  • All nations on the way of economic development have to go through tim of industrialization in which the basic approach for any different economies is forming geographical concentration of industries called industrial zones. Vietnam has been carrying out the flourishing stage of industrial zones.

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  • Employment transformation in the Vietnamese economy in light of the lewis-fei-ranis growth model of a labor-abundant economy. This paper studies structural changes in the Vietnamese economy during the reform era, with emphasis on the role of the manufacturing sector in employment generation. A stage-setting survey of analytical framework and empirical evidence of employment transformation in a labor-abundant economy in East Asia has enabled a statistical analysis.

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  • This paper deals with on-line cursive handwriting recognition. Analytic approach has got more attraction during the last ten years. It relies on a preliminary segmentation stage, which remains one of the challenges and might have a strong effect to the correct recognition rate. The segmentation aims to cut the ink strokes into a set of small pieces, called graphemes.

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  • In this paper, three level production inventory models for deteriorative items are considered under the variation in production rate. Namely, it is possible that production started at one rate, after some time, switches to another rate. Such a situation is desirable in the sense that by starting at a low rate of production, a large quantum stock of manufacturing items at the initial stage are avoided, leading to reduction in the holding cost.

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  • This paper analyzes the effects of investment in advertising in the three-stage entry game model with one incumbent and one potential entrant firm. It is shown that if a game theory is applied, under particular conditions, advertising can be used as a strategic weapon in the market entry game. Depending on the level of the advertising interaction factor, conditions for over-investment in advertising for strategic purposes are given.

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  • In this note, the control systems of this stage are presented. In order not to stimulate the eigenfrequencies of the stage, a fourth order track planning method is used to derive the command curve for motion control. Moreover, a friction model based feedforward controller is added to compensate the effect of friction. Experimental results are presented to show the performance of this stage.

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  • The mechatronic servo system is the major theme studied in this book. In particular, the servo system adopted in an electric servo motor is explained in this chapter. Several items of its utilization from the development stage to the present as well as its performances. The so-called mechanism machine (called as mechatronic servo system at the following), i.e.

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