Standard lights and typical uses

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  • First and foremost, i wish to thank my publisher, wes beckwith, for his endless encouragement, support, and enthusiasm.I am grateful for the confidence he placed in me to complete this project to a hight standard and on schedule.Thanks to all the over wordware folks for their contri- butions and efforts on this book , eschewwing obtributions at every turn

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  • Characteristics of IREDs Measurement of Power Output It is standard industry practice to characterize the output of IREDs in terms of power output. Since the amount of light an IRED generates depends on the value of the forward drive current (IF), the power output is always stated for a given value of current. Also, the ambient temperature must be specified inasmuch as the radiant power decreases with increasing temperature, power decreases with increasing temperature, typically -0.9%/°C. The following two methods are used to measure light power output. front of the IRED.

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