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  • Nội dung bài học: Sử dụng EOS; tính V khi biết T, P; Hysys có các EOS: PR, SRK,…; đọc kết quả tính toán trong Workbook; sử dụng Case Study Utility. Tài liệu do nhóm Mô phỏng Công nghệ Hoá học và Dầu khí của Trường Đại học Bách khoa Hà Nội thực hiện.

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  • I have been greatly honoured by your invitation to take the chair on this interesting occasion. It gives me special pleasure to be able to introduce to this distinguished audience my friend, Mr. Beck, Solicitor-General of the United States. It is a great and responsible office; but long before he held it he was known to the English public and to English readers as the author who, perhaps more than any other writer in our language, contributed a statement of the Allied case in the Great War which produced effects far beyond the country in which it was written...

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  • The information compiled in this report reflects evidence collected from WHP policies in high-income countries, primarily within the European and North American regions. The scarcity of information and case studies from low- and middle-income countries was highlighted as an important gap in the current knowledge that needs to be addressed. Despite the limits of the available evidence, all stakeholders are encouraged to develop and implement WHP policies and programmes tackling unhealthy diets and physical inactivity....

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  • An important contribution to the debates surrounding the evolution of the European welfare state model, this volume investigates the role that “ideational leadership” has played in the passing of structural reforms in the change-resistant German welfare state. Based on in-depth case studies of individual reforms in health care, pensions, and unemployment insurance since the early 1990s, Stiller illuminates the ways in which Germany has made the transition from its Bismarckian past to a hybrid welfare state....

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  • By estimating the default jump risk premium, this paper essentially tests the assumptions underlying the conditional diversification hypothesis of JLY (2001). These authors prove that, if default jumps are conditionally independent across firms and if the economy contains an infinite number of bonds, default jump risk cannot be priced. Intuitively, in this case the default jump risk can be fully diversified. Our results indicate that default jumps are not conditionally independent across firms and/or that not enough corporate bonds are traded to fully diversify default jump risk.

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  • We begin with two fairly obvious points. First, not surprisingly, for both of the maquiladoras, the health damages (whether measured in number of cases or in dollars) from uncontrolled emissions are considerably higher than for controlled emissions. For the iron foundry, damages are approximately 17 times as high for uncontrolled emissions as for controlled emissions. For the chemical plant, they are approximately 50 times as high. Thus, it bears emphasis that the magnitude of the health damages from maquiladora emissions depends critically on the level of emissions abatement.

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  • In this activity, you will use the provided use cases and usage scenarios for the client-billing process, along with the Ferguson and Bardell, Inc. case study, to create future-state use cases and usage scenarios. First, as a class, you will review the information provided in the case study. Next, you will create future-state use cases for the client-billing process. Next, you will create future-state usage scenarios for the solution required by Ferguson and Bardell, Inc.

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  • Real Cases Project: Teaching guide for human behavior in the social environment aims to use the context of the child welfare system to help students develop an appreciation for the important aspects of the human condition. The course emphasizes the family as the basic unit of development and reciprocal influences between people and their environment.

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  • Bài giảng "Equations of state: Peng-Robinson Soave-Redlich-Kwong" hướng dẫn cụ thể chi tiết các bước sử dụng EOS, cách đọc kết quả tính toán trong Workbook, sử dụng Case Study Utility. Hy vọng nội dung bài giảng là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho các bạn.

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  • With terrorism still prominent on the U.S. agenda, whether the country’s prevention efforts match the threat the United States faces continues to be central in policy debate. One element of this debate is questioning whether the United States should create a dedicated domestic intelligence agency. Case studies of five other

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  • 1 Some Problematic Issues in the Thai Processing It is obvious that the most fundamental semantic unit in a language is the word. Words are explicitly identified in those languages with word boundaries. In Thai, there is no word boundary. Thai words are implicitly recognized and in many cases, they depend on the individual judgement. This causes a lot of difficulties in the Thai language processing.

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  • The global economy has been developing rapidly and gaining many achievements which have a lot of motivating influences on the wealth of many countries in the recent decades. However, there still remain a number of difficult problems that need proper solutions brought in by the governments. Financial crisis is not out of the case. For many years now, financial crisis is deemed to offend so many countries and people including economists, brokers, bankers, policy makers, and so on.

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  • The protocol wars are over and TCP/IP won. TCP/IP is now universally recognized as the pre-eminent communications protocol for linking together diverse computer systems. The importance of interoperable data communications and global computer networks is no longer debated. But that was not always the case. When I wrote the first edition of this book, IPX was far and away the leading PC communications protocol. Microsoft did not bundle communications protocols in their operating system.

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  • Meningitis L. monocytogenes causes ~5–10% of all cases of community-acquired bacterial meningitis in adults in the United States. Case-fatality rates are reported to be 15–26% and do not appear to have changed over time. This diagnosis should be considered in all older or chronically ill adults with "aseptic" meningitis. The presentation is more frequently subacute (with illness developing over several days) than in meningitis of other bacterial etiologies, and nuchal rigidity and meningeal signs are less common. Photophobia is infrequent.

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  • To a number of people who influenced my life and prepared me for the job of creating this book: First, my mother, who not only taught me to read, but allowed me to experience the enjoyment of reading. She opened up for me the vast knowledge available in libraries. Dr. Wade Moorehouse, retired Professor of Accounting and former Chairman of the Department of Business and Economics at California State University, Hayward, who many years ago, when I was an undergraduate student in his accounting course, stimulated my excitement about the accounting function.

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  • Tập hợp các ký pháp đồ hoạ được sử dụng để mô hình hoá hệ thống hướng đối tượng. UML có 4 biểu đồ cơ bản: Ca sử dụng (Use Case): mô tả tương tác của ứng dụng với môi trường bên ngoài. Biểu đồ lớp (Class Diagram): mô tả cấu trúc của lớp và mối quan hệ giữa các lớp. Biểu đồ trình tự (Sequence Diagram): Mô tả tương tác giữa các lớp theo trình tự thời gian và các thông điệp.

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  • In the next block processing features to detect a particular event in the case external devices, or to identify, study, and signal the brain to recognize patterns, will be used as input for the following blocks that translate to control command of the external device. Last but not least important, is the block set effects supervision Operative mode of BCI devices under the supervision of users, this is if the device is active in on-line / Off linemode, or if it ismodifying its internal parameters in the learning phase in order to regulate the activity of users....

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  • Championship, the voice went silent as the players raced to the sidelines, lift ed the ailing Case onto their shoulders and carried him to one of the baskets, so he could cut down the nets one last time. Th e voice cracked on the aft ernoon of March 16, 1974, in the deathly silence of Reynolds Coliseum as superstar David Th ompson was wheeled off the court aft er tripping over teammate Phil Spence’s shoulder during the NCAA Tournament East Region championship game. And it boomed when he shared the great news that Th ompson would be all right, causing an explosion of noise that has never...

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  • There has been an ongoing debate on how best to document a software system ever since the first software system was built. Some would have us writing natural language descriptions, some would have us prepare formal specifications, others would have us producing design documents and others would want us to describe the software thru test cases. There are even those who would have us do all four, writing natural language documents, writing formal specifications, producing standard design documents and producing interpretable test cases all in addition to developing and maintaining the code.

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  • Over the past three decades, governments at the local, state, and federal levels have undertaken a wide range of bold innovations, often in partnership with nongovernmental organizations and communities, to try to address their environmental and natural resource management tasks. Many of these efforts have failed. Innovations, by definition, are transitory. How, then, can we establish new practices that endure?

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