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  • Nowadays, there are many kinds of soldering irons such as: pulse soldering iron, baking soldering iron, but these machines are not stable in temperature and are not highly accurate during working time. Besides those, they cannot be controlled in temperature for different applications. To overcome the disadvantages of the old kinds of soldering irons, the soldering station, which can change the temperature and track and stabilize around the setting points, has been discovered in this paper.

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  • This report describes a verification simulation of a model of the Eastern Scheldt. Boundary conditions for a simulation of flows and water levels on 11 January 1982 are obtained from gauging stations in the offshore area of the estuary by use of weighting functions obtained from simulations with other models of conditions of September 1975 in the offshore area. The simulation was made first withou......

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  • We propose a two-step inversion of three-component seismograms that ( 1) recovers the far-field source time function at each station and (2) estimates the distribution of co-seismic slip on the fault plane for small earthquakes (magnitude 3 to 4). The empirical Green’s function (EGF) method consists of finding a small earthquake located near the one we wish to study and then performing a deconvolution to remove the path, site, and instrumental effects from the main-event signal.

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  • The present edited book is a collection of 18 chapters written by internationally recognized experts and well-known professionals of the field. Chapters contribute to diverse facets of automation and control. The volume is organized in four parts according to the main subjects, regarding the recent advances in this field of engineering. The first thematic part of the book is devoted to automation. This includes solving of assembly line balancing problem and design of software architecture for cognitive assembling in production systems....

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  • Tim Converse has written software to recommend neckties, answer questions about space stations, pick value stocks, and make simulated breakfast. He has an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago, where he taught several programming classes. He is now an engineering manager in the Web search group at Yahoo!. Joyce Park has an M.A. in history from the University of Chicago, and has worked for several Silicon Valley startups including Epinions, KnowNow, and Friendster. She is a co-lead of the Mod-pubsub Open Source project....

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  • The book contains fundamentals of solar radiation, its ecological impacts, applications, especially in agriculture, architecture, thermal and electric energy. Chapters are written by numerous experienced scientists in the field from various parts of the world. Apart from chapter one which is the introductory chapter of the book, that gives a general topic insight of the book, there are 24 more chapters that cover various fields of solar radiation.

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  • This however brings about models and simulation, which is now applied generally to look into the inter-relationship between the parameters and its resultant effects on the environments (Abdulkareem et al., 2011). In this work, mathematical modelling that can be used to predict the quantity of heat radiation from gas flaring station will be developed. The developed model will be simulated and find interaction between various parameters such as distance, volume of gas flared, flared stack efficiency that influence the rate of heat radiation from gas flaring station.

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