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  • If you need to create and interpret statistics in business or classroom settings, this easy-to-use guide is just what you need. It shows you how to use Excel's powerful tools for statistical analysis, even if you've never taken a course in statistics. Learn the meaning of terms like mean and median, margin of error, standard deviation, and permutations, and discover how to interpret the statistics of everyday life. You'll learn to use Excel formulas, charts, PivotTables, and other tools to make sense of everything from sports stats to medical correlations....

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  • What do you need to calculate? Manufacturing output? A curve for test scores? Sports stats? You and Excel can do it, and this non-intimidating guide shows you how. It demystifies the different types of statistics, how Excel functions and formulas work, the meaning of means and medians, how to interpret your figures, and more - in plain English.

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  • Author John M. Quick Reviewers Ajay Ohri Joshua Wiley Project Coordinator Acquisition Editor Douglas Paterson Development Editor Meeta Rajani Technical Editor Vanjeet D'souza Indexer Tejal Daruwale Cover Work Aparna Bhagat Jovita Pinto Proofreaders Aaron Nash Chris Smith Graphics Nilesh Mohite Production Coordinator Aparna Bhagat Editorial Team Leader Akshara Aware Project Team Leader Priya Mukherji

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  • The first question that I ask an environmental science student who comes seeking my advice on a data analysis problem is Have you looked at your data? Very often, after some beating around the bush, the student answers, Not really. The student goes on to explain that he or she loaded the data into an analysis package provided by an advisor, or downloaded off the web, and it didn’t work. The student tells me, Something is wrong with my data! I then ask my second question: Have you ever used the analysis package with a dataset that did work? After some further beating around the bush,...

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  • We discuss Feature Latent Semantic Analysis (FLSA), an extension to Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). LSA is a statistical method that is ordinarily trained on words only; FLSA adds to LSA the richness of the many other linguistic features that a corpus may be labeled with. We applied FLSA to dialogue act classification with excellent results. We report results on three corpora: CallHome Spanish, MapTask, and our own corpus of tutoring dialogues.

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  • Lectures "Applied statistics for business - Chapter 1: Data and statistics" provides students with the knowledge: Applications in business and economics, data, data sources, descriptive Statistics, statistical Inference, computer and statistical analysis, data mining, ethical guidelines for statistical practice. Invite you to refer to the disclosures.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "better business decisions from data - statistical analysis for professional success" has contents: relationships with numerical data, relationships with descriptive data, multivariate data, forecasting from known distributions, control charts,...and other contents.

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  • Tensile properties of cooked meat sausages and their correlation with textureprofile analysis (TPA) parameters and physico-chemical characteristics has many contents: Description of the samples, Physico-chemical analysis, Textural analysis, Statistical analysis, Physico-chemical analysis, Textural analysis, Linear regression analysis.

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  • In this study, the TTS trend of the Korean surveillance test results was analyzed using a nonlinear regression model and a mixed-effect model based on the power function. The nonlinear regression model yielded a similar exponent as the power function in the fluence compared with RG1.99/ 2. The mixed-effect model had a higher value of the exponent and showed superior goodness of fit compared with the nonlinear regression model. Compared with RG1.99/2 and RG1.99/3, the mixed-effect model provided a more accurate prediction of the TTS.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Simple Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Some Nonidealities in Downstream VDSL with Linear Precoding

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  • Provide short courses in experimental design and statistical analysis. An introductory course will be run at Hanoi Agricultural University, with a subsequent more advanced course delivered at Can Tho University Provide Visiting Scholarships to four Vietnamese participants to visit the University of Sydney for upto 13 weeks, to evaluate teaching methods used in applied statistics (biometry) courses, and to provide the opportunity to initiate common research interests.

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  • The help() command prints documentation for the requested topic. The sleep dataset is a built-in dataset in R. It comes from William Sealey Gosset’s article under the pseudonym Student (1908). It contains the effects of two drugs, measured as the extra hours of sleep as compared to controls. The vectors x1 and x2 are assigned the values of the extra hours of sleep in drugs 1 and 2, respectively. (a less than sign followed by a minus sign,

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  • (BQ) Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a widespread process which works very effectively in machining of difficult-to-cut materials and alloys in die and aerospace industries with high dimensional accuracies. However, this capability could be deteriorated due to electrode wear leading to decrease of process productivity. In this study, the effect of machining parameters of EDM process including on-time, current, voltage, the engaging time between workpiece and electrode, and pre-EDM roughing on electrode wear were experimentally investigated.

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  • This study was carried out to evaluate the bending moment resistance and stiffness of case-type furniture corner joints constructed with wood biscuits, and to determine the effects on these joints of some factors including the spacing between wood biscuit hole centers, the distance from the center of the biscuit hole to the corresponding outside edge of the board material, the method of loading, the type of composite board, and the gluing technique.

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  • Finance has become increasingly more quantitative, drawing on techniques in probability and statistics that many finance practitioners have not had exposure to before. In order to keep up, you need a firm understanding of this discipline. Probability and Statistics for Finance addresses this issue by showing you how to apply quantitative methods to portfolios, and in all matter of your practices, in a clear, concise manner. Informative and accessible, this guide starts off with the basics and builds to an intermediate level of mastery. ...

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  • CHAPTER 2 Analyzing Crystal Ball Forecasts In this chapter, using an example of accumulating funds for retirement, we see the graphical and numerical summaries of forecasts that Crystal Ball provides automatically. This chapter serves as a review of elementary statistical analysis, focused on the standard output built into Crystal Ball.

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  • Suitable as a supplement or primary text, FAME integrates corporate finance with spreadsheet analysis using Excel. It is ideal for courses in financial management, financial models, capital budgeting, or case courses. This edition is updated for Excel 2000 as well as new topics in finance.

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  • This self-study course is organized into subject matter areas, each containing learning objectives to help you determine what you should learn along with text and illustrations to help you understand the information. The subject matter reflects day-to-day requirements and experiences of personnel in the rating or skill area.

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  • CHAPTER 11 Risk, Capital Budgeting, and Diversification Define the five major statistical measures used in finance and calculate these both manually and in Excel. Explain how risk can be incorporated into capital budgeting decisions, and show how to calculate the “risk-adjusted discount rate” (RADR) in Excel.

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  • Perhaps the most difficult method of the four methods, memorizing is the technique many novice speakers start off with, because they are under the impression that this is how all speeches are prepared and delivered The most polished speakers forget their words halfway through

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