Statistics of dispersion

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  • (bq) bart 1 book “handbook of biolological statistics” has contents: exact test of goodness - of – fit, power analysis, small numbers in chi- square and g– tests, student’s t – test for two samples, data transformations, statistics of dispersion, statistics of central tendency,… and other contents.

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  • When one considers the criteria according to which an analytical procedure is selected, precision and accuracy are usually the first time to come to mind. Precision and accuracy together determine the error of an individual determination. They are among the most important criteria for judging analytical procedures by their results. Precision refers to the reproducibility of measurement within a set, that is, to the scatter of dispersion of a set about its central values. The term ‘set’ is defined as referring to a number (n) of independent replicate measurements of some property.

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  • Chapter 22 - Business statistics. After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: Define and calculate the mean, explain and calculate a weighted mean, define and calculate the median, define and identify the mode, prepare a frequency distribution, prepare bar, line, and circle graphs, calculate price relatives and cost comparisons, explain and calculate the range, define and calculate the standard deviation, estimate percentage of data by using standard deviations.

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  • The Swiss work was based on a provisional national PM10 emission inventory. It was first disaggregated to a km2 grid. Dispersion functions for primary PM10 emission were defined in an empirical dispersion model which was used to calculate the concentration of primary PM10. The contribution of secondary particles was modelled by using simple relationships between precursor and particle concentration. The long-range transported fraction was taken from European scale models. The PM10 fractions were then summed to create the PM10 map.

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  • We introduce an alternative approach to extracting word pair associations from corpora, based purely on surface distances in the text. We contrast it with the prevailing windowbased co-occurrence model and show it to be more statistically robust and to disclose a broader selection of significant associative relationships - owing largely to the property of scale-independence. In the process we provide insights into the limiting characteristics of window-based methods which complement the sometimes conflicting application-oriented literature in this area. ...

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  • Chapter 2 - Numeric attributes. In this chapter, we discuss basic statistical methods for exploratory data analysis of numeric attributes. We look at measures of central tendency or location, measures of dispersion, and measures of linear dependence or association between attributes. We emphasize the connection between the probabilistic and the geometric and algebraic views of the data matrix.

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  • part 2 book “engineering mathematics” has contents: complex numbers, presentation of statistical data, measures of central tendency and dispersion, the binomial and poisson distribution, the normal distribution, differentiation of implicit functions, differentiation of implicit functions, integration using algebraic substitutions,… and other contents.

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